20 Facts on twenty one pilots’ “Vessel”

  1. On the opening track, “Ode to Sleep”, the second verse has a rap that is 25.15 seconds long at 287 words per minute and 356 syllables per minute. The first part of the verse is 12.94 second long at 362 words per minute and 427 syllables per minute.
  2. “Vessel” was the first album twenty one pilots didn’t record by themselves and contains many of the songs on their album beforehand, Regional at Best.
  3. This album is often considered one of their “least raw” albums because of the happy sound behind the lyrics.
  4. All tracks on the album were written by Tyler Joseph, except for the single “Holding on to You”, which was written by Joseph, Maurice Gleaton, Charles Hammond, Robert Hill, as well as a few others.
  5. The longest track on the album is Ode to Sleep at 5:08.
  6. One of the most popular songs on the album is arguably Truce, which closes the album. Its only 2 minutes and 22 seconds long, has no rap parts, but contains the fans of twenty one pilots’ motto, “Stay Alive”.
  7. Tyler wrote the album with Josh Dun, the current drummer for the band. Before he joined the band was composed of Tyler Joseph, Chris Salih (drums) and Nick Thomas (bass).
  8. The first show twenty one pilots played out of state was to a group of 12 people and they opened with “Ode to Sleep”, before Vessel came out, when they were promoting “Regional at Best”.
  9. The contract the band signed with their label, Fueled by Ramen, stated that they couldn’t re-release “Regional at Best” or have it available to purchase digital copies of online because of the large amount of songs that were on “Vessel.”
  10. If you look for the album directly on iTunes, you can’t find the extended album of “Vessel”, which contains the songs “Glowing Eyes”, “Kitchen Sink”, “Lovely” and “Forrest”. However, if you look it up it can be found through google.
  11. Vessel’s extended version has all of the songs on Regional at Best except for five.
  12. The two old men on the cover of “Vessel” are Tyler and Josh’s paternal grandfathers.
  13. Tyler wrote “Trees”, the second to last song on “Vessel”, when he was 17 and in high school. It can be found on his first album, “No Phun Intended”.
  14. “Vessel” had consistently sold more than 1,000 copies a week since it’s release in 2013. It’s never sold more than 11,000 copies in one frame and had sold on average 2,000 copies a week.
  15. “Migraine” has a music video, but it can’t be found on YouTube. You can find versions of it on Vimeo.
  16. Only “Ode to Sleep”, “Holding On To You”, “House of Gold”, “Car Radio”, “Guns for Hands” and “Truce” have videos with the studio recording’s audio. Some songs have live videos.
  17. “Screen” displays most of the band’s style. It starts of with a rap that seems kind of frantic and goes into a melody.
  18. Tyler says he writes every song with what setting he would play it in mind. For example, he says that he sees playing the song “The Run and Go” at a festival in the middle of the day and if you look at live performances, almost every time, he plays it is during a festival in the middle of the day.
  19. Josh is known for his back flip off of the piano in their live shows during “Holding On To You”. It only happens once a show, but it happens every show.

20. The band has been closing out shows with the song “Trees” since they first started playing it together. Tyler always says some sort of speech before the song begins and it ends with both of the boys drumming in the crowd on platforms with confetti falling around them.