Anthony Mariscal

Anthony’s depiction of himself

Anthony is a sophomore at Jefferson High school, he has a family that supports him and a girlfriend that helps him stay positive everyday. Anthony seems like a nice guy when you meet him. However, he is actually a great guy.

He is also a comedian who likes to make people laugh.

Anthony had a powerful performance when he hosted an anniversary event at SEI. He was getting ready to perform comedy on stage. He was a little nervous and afraid, but he pulled it together and went on to have a great performance.The comedy act was so successful that the parents wanted him to stay on stage and perform some more, but there was not enough time. On the contrary, Anthony isn’t really a people person. His personality isn’t a loner, but if you approach him the wrong way he will start to dislike you, automatically. Most importantly, what gets Anthony moving in the morning is motivation. He talks about how when he gets up in the morning he thinks about what his family has done for him over the years. He claims that positive focus and thankfulness is one of the ways he can repay his family and girlfriend for their support.

One of Anthony’s hobbies is to play video games, though he says doesn’t like them. “I actually hate video games,” Anthony says, “I’m just really good at them.” So good, in fact, that Esports gave him a contract to sign. Anthony was excited when he got the contract, but there was some downsides to it. First he would have to move, again. He would not see his girlfriend and his family. Furthermore, he will have to drop out of highschool and he doesn’t want to do that. Anthony claims that Esports still holds that contract for him when he gets out of highschool. Anthony will always love is family, his girlfriend, and he will never stop competing with his sister. What that tells me, Anthony is a very loving person, goal oriented and focus at being the best at gaming. I believe someday he will achieve his goal into becoming one of the best gamers. Anthony said, “One’s greatest enemy is the one within.” -Jay Riggins