“Clovergender is, to summarize, what some people want to become a part of the LGBT community. The premises of the “gender” is that a person is a younger age at heart and therefore it’s okay for them to be with someone much younger, even if they’re an adult and the person they want to be with is a minor. Clovergender is an excuse for pedophiles to be legal and protected under LGBT rights. The twitter page @clovergender’s bio is ‘Clovergender people are children trapped in adult bodies, struggling to live adult lives in a world that doesn’t understand them.’ That’s not acceptable.”

That was my first reaction to finding out about the so-called Clovergender. As a member of the LGBTQ community, seeing things like this and thinking about their negative consequences is terrifying. Clovergender started as a prank come up with some people of 4chan in early January, saying:

“We’re creating a new gender to troll SJWs [social justice warriors] with.

Clovergender: a child trapped in a man’s body who is attracted to other children.

Pronoun: Cl / Clir / Climself

We will be trolling tumblr and facebook

Needed: propaganda images, accounts”

The twitter account is filled with things that are very similar to the things you would find on other pro-LGBT accounts, such as “accept me for who I am” and “Time is a human construct” which is very similar to the “gender is a human construct” that trans supporters use as a part of their argument. The problem with this type of thing is it brings negative attention to LGBT, which isn’t needed, especially with all of the similarities you can find between transgender and clovergender. Trans people are becoming one of the faces of LGBT rights.

One of the main arguments of the anti-trans arguments is that people will pretend to be trans so that they can go into the bathroom and sexually assault people. This fake gender plays heavily off of that and give people another excuse to hate and actively try to keep people that are actually a part of the LGBT community from getting all of the rights that they deserve.

The people that are a part of this are trying to defend it. One tweet from the @clovergender twitter says “It is alarming that we are being lumped in with pedophiles. They and clovergender people are NOT the same thing. Clovergenders are children in adult bodies, while pedos are ADULTS in ADULT bodies. They are predators and we do not support them!”

While doing some research to write this and going through the twitter page there were things that made me doubt myself. It would say things along the lines of “wait until we’re all accepted and people look down on you for your narrow views.” That’s the problem with this type of thing. You can always play the ‘it’s going to be different at some point’ card. It just made me think about all of the things that have changed socially. People thought that homosexuality was awful for a very long time, what if this is like that? There’s science about how trans people’s brains are actually different than a cis person’s, what if this ends up being like that? Clovergender has gotten so much of a following that people can’t all be in on the joke, especially since the original 4chan thread is hard to find.

The more you think about these types of trolls the less sure about yourself you become. There’s so little thought put into them that people can take the idea and run, turning it into something bigger than it’s creator. They indirectly slander people, making them even more dangerous. And yet, there’s still a part of me that’s afraid in twenty years I’ll be proven wrong somehow and look insensitive.

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