Earl Ramsey

Earl Ramsey is a sixteen year old junior. Kind, social and helpful are a few of the qualities I’ve seen from him. Earl was born and raised in Portland. He lives with two of his six sisters and his dad. “I’m the oldest of the boys, but being a middle child, it’s not fun.”

When he was around the age of twelve, Earl started playing basketball. He started playing because a lot of his friends and family played the sport. His inspirations include Kevin Durant and his cousin, who played the sport through college and still does. Over the summer Earl went up to Idaho to visit his cousin and they were able to play a bit. He played for the Jefferson team in his freshman year and plans on trying out this year as point guard and wing.

One of Earl’s main goals is to go to college. He doesn’t know what he wants to study, but he’s, “trying to get out of Portland, and probably to California to The University of California, Berkeley. It rains a lot here and I want to see something new.” After college, his dream job is to go into the NBA.

For fun, the student likes to be around friends and play video games such as NBA 2k and Call of Duty. If he didn’t play sports he would just focus on school and be active in the SEI program.

Earl is passionate about his interests, specifically his sport. His focus on it will ensure he goes far and it’s exciting to be able to see that happen. He’s his true self from the first few words and a fun person to get to know.

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