Jolly Coffee

For as many classes he teaches, many students don’t know the story of the man they know as Mr. Coffee. The jolly man has a story, and like everyone else, it should be told. Originating from Oregon, Coffee has move around the area somewhat often as a child. He is happily married and has multiple children. He is a pragmatic thinker, but has some different ways of teaching that most teachers wouldn’t. Although he may sometimes seem to give examples that are off topic, there is almost always a method to his madness.

The easiest way to make conversation is to find similarities with your target. Coffee fondly will talk with you about games. All and any. From board games like “SORRY” or to video games like “Halo or “Gears of War”. He focuses on a good time, and tries to steer away from negative talk of video games or of anything in general. “I used to play a lot more of both when I was smaller, but with work and kids, you tend to do it less,” Coffee confesses. He follows saying that he still loves gaming in general and enjoys the small time he gets with his life long hobby. Although he is in the video game scene, he doesn’t keep up with the newest and hottest games, picking retro games over the new ones most of the time.

He lived with his father, when in the third grade, his parents got divorced. His brother went to college two years later, while his sister was in high school. Leaving him as the only child to be in the house most days. Despite this rocky experience however, Coffee exerts a happy and positive outlook on life and his own parenting. Using what he learned not to do as an example to know what to do. He has a stepmother and a stepfather. Although his siblings and himself never considered the stepfather a part of the family.

As an escape from the troubles of the world, if Coffee can’t play games, he will go to music. Like most people, it’s his way of relieving stress, or feeling related to. “ I don’t want the measure of success to be money.” Coffee was into what is now known as indie rock and or just rock. Listening to anything he feels like he can relate to in some way.

Coffee doesn’t see his job, as just a job. It is something that he want’s to continue for years to come. “I want to teach here for as long as I’m relevant.” And that is exactly the kind of attitude that not only makes a good teacher, but makes a good person. “I like reading the papers you guys turn in, but I hate having to evaluate your writing.” Coffee confesses when I ask him what the hardest part of his job is. To do your job, and to love doing it is a hard thing to do in today’s day in age, where everything is weighed in cash.

Mr. Coffee is a jolly person, with a story that would resemble your average teenager. But it’s a story worth sharing, because the experiences he’s had have shaped the happy, indie rock loving, game playing, joke cracking teacher that the Jefferson students are lucky to have.

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