Selam Getu

In the grey skies of Portland there lies a girl
Dancing in the rain
Untouched by bad thoughts.
She loves to see the rain and hates when it goes
Change is the most beautiful thing to her.

Large kinky curls, jump from atop her head.
Shouting out the name of her home,

She wears her dark, smooth skin proudly.
It’s her favorite thing about herself.
She will carry anyone on her back,
Not caring about the pain she will endure while doing it.
At 4’9 she appears to be soft spoken,
But her voice does not go unheard.

No matter where she is, music is what she flees to.
Music is her savior.
“ Music is an escape, it feels like somebody gets me”
It doesn’t matter what type of music,
As long as something is playing in her ears, she won’t mind.

Selam is a fighter, friend to all and a pisces.
She hates what she sees in front of her precious brown eyes.
Racism, stereotypes, self-hate, all things that hurt her heart.
She wants wisdom, power and happiness. 
Selam is love.

Selams wide smile will captivate the whole world.
With her wisdom and virtues far beyond her years,
Confidence and nerve ooze from her soul.

“Music is my life”

-Reagan Slater

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