The Pressure of Standardized Testing

The pressure around standardized testing has always been a factor when talking about kid’s grades. Sometimes kids will have a harder time dealing with the anxiety and stress to perform well than the actual test. Other students think the the tests don’t matter and aren’t a good way to weigh their knowledge.

Test are such a big deal in most schools, including Jefferson. Most of the time a single test can drop or raise students a few full grade levels. This kind of work can be stress inducing especially if you only get one shot at it. If someone is stressed out and feels like the test will decide their future they can get a kind of stage fright, they won’t be able to perform as well or remember things they knew. If smaller assignments were weighed more and tests weren’t such a big deal, maybe some kids would raise in grade.

A lot of kids have a different angle: tests don’t affect them. While it affects their grade, standardized testing might not be the best way to test. Many people don’t care about the test so therefore they won’t try. And it’s not only students who feel this way, parents have a similar opinion. Recently tests have been coming with an option to opt kids out of the test. This is a good way to do things because some kids can’t show what they know through testing.

Another thing to keep in mind is that every student has a different way of learning. Sometimes kids who like thinking visually won’t do well on an online multiple choice quiz, and vise versa.

In a perfect world, each student should be able to express their knowledge in whatever way they want, that is why I support creative final projects more than standardized tests. Students’ knowledge shouldn’t be determined by a letter and so many students get screwed over by this system. There should be an end to standardized tests and we should take a more diverse, more creative way of doing things.