The Secret Life of Bunny

August 23, 2002 Bunny Goodwin was born and, though she may seem a little shy, she is a very smart girl. This is her first year at Jefferson High School and so far it’s going good. Laid back and chill would be two ways to describe her. Sports aren’t really her thing so we don’t have to worry about that; but I guess skateboarding could be counted as a sport, that’s something she likes to do on her free time.

Many people don’t know this about Bunny but her real name is Aepha, no one has ever called her that though it’s always been Bunny. Some people may have the thought of Bunny being an outcast because she likes to be alone; that’s because she spends so much time with friends and family that she never gets any time to herself. That’s not a bad thing at all, she kind of reminds me of myself when I was her age. Bunny often feels that people question her choices but the choices that she makes are designed to benefit her.

Bunny’s favorite subject in school is English, one thing she is good at and progressing in is her writing, whether it’s writing an essay for class or poetry. Poetry is also something she is getting better at and although she’s a little shy talking in front of people and telling about herself, the Poetry Slam is something she’s thinking about being apart of this year at Jefferson High School. “ I want to try new things that’ll bring out who I am as a person.” That is one thing I’ll take her up on because from what I’m getting out of I Bunny is that she’s not the type of person to speak up about the work she does, she’s such a quiet person and it’s time for her to grow out of the shyness.

Bunny is young, smart, beautiful, and talented. Her goal is always to make her family proud no matter what the circumstance is… Though she may be quiet she is very bright and has a great future ahead of her. The one and only Aepha. -Grace Nickelson

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