Thea Sawyer

The young Thea Sawyer is shy, polite, and great person; just a few of many characteristics that make the 14 year old freshman. Thea Sawyer, who traveled more than most at a young age, was born in Phoenix, then moved to Florida, Washington, and finally Portland in the second grade.

At the age of 8, Thea wanted to play baseball. So the closest thing was soft ball. She gave it a try. The more she played, the more her love for the game grew. Thea told me “I want to be the best, the best that I can be.” She still plays and wants to play for the Jefferson team. Even though her parents are no longer together. Her mom who is her role model comes to support her when ever she can. Thea Says she has a great bond with her mom, she also tells me her mom is a very cool person. Thea told me “ My mom spends as much time as she can with her when she’s not busy or they’re not sleep”.

As Thea got older she began to play the guitar and then the drums. She listens to a lot of bands and artist, but her favorite band is Twenty One Pilots. One day Thea would like to take her talents to the next level as a young performer. Thea would also like to write books as a career choice to go along with being a musician. Thea told me “the most important thing is to practice playing music.”

Ms. Sawyer does have some things that set her back that she would like to work on, like trying to be more confident. She might get nervous and also get a little stage fright, but she still goes on stage and performs. She says the more she keeps going on in front of people the easier it gets.

Thea Sawyer, who I never talked to before, was really quiet at first. As I talked more to her and learned more about who Thea actually is, a really talented, inspiring, and amazing person.

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