With Tanisha Estil

With brown eyes and curly tendrils of hair,

You’ll find her roaring on the soccer field.

Walking with friends in the hall,

But wherever she’ll know the newest trend this fall.

With idols like Rihanna,

She’s tying cleats engraved with grass stains.

Dreams of a streetwear designer.

Raised with a family that doesn’t quite look like her.

“My family has kinda made me the way i am,

but they don’t influence me,” she said engaged.

When talking about her views she says,

“I feel like nothing good comes out of not speaking up at our age.”

I ask her about her immediate life/future and she says,

“I have a sister and a mom, I’m the youngest.”

“Not ready to be a junior, not ready for those test!”

With a shy heart last year,

But ready to be involved as a sophomore.

Both years involving friends and topic switching arguments.

In and out of school, she is determinant.

With a love of Jefferson Homecomings

She’ll spout her words with a light laugh.

Time off may be one of her favorite thing, but she’s got stories to tell.

But this is a story with Tanisha Estil.

-Jayla Pride

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