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How Junior Entrepreneurship changed my life

A challenging journey worth taking. I just couldn’t be more grateful.

For those who don’t know what a JE (Junior Enterprise) is, well, it’s pretty much similar to a real company, except that it’s formed and managed exclusively by university students. It’s a non-profit organization which provides services for companies, institutions, and individuals.

But that’s only the technical definition… A JE is really much more than that!

Just imagine a place where you can apply what you’re learning at university, or even do something different from it, that actually interests you (I’ll give you some examples, stay there!), in an entrepreneurial (but still informal and relaxed) environment, where the main goal is to learn and to grow!

As you can imagine, a company has so many different roles that must be occupied in order to have it working properly and reach success. So, it’s really common to have engineering students performing marketing tasks, for example… This only means that, if we like something, or if we just feel like trying something new, then we have the perfect chance do it here and have a lot of fun while working!

This made me figure out and prove to myself that I could do so much more than just be a Software Developer!

“Failure is the key to success. Each mistake teaches us something.” — Morihei Ueshiba

Learning by doing is our biggest philosophy, and failing is just part of the process… Knowing that it is acceptable to fail generates a lot of courage to try new things, to take risks and step outside of our comfort zone.

Furthermore, having the opportunity of getting into the business world while still studying, interacting with real clients, developing both hard and soft skills followed by a group of incredible people that share the same motto that you do is simply amazing!

It might sound too good to be true, but let me tell you: It’s even better!

I could keep writing all day and all night about how is it to be part of a JE, but besides what I already wrote here, the best thing I can share right now is my personal experience.

Joining jeKnowledge

I joined jeKnowledge in October of 2017, assuming both positions of Software Developer and Innovation Consultant. The challenge was real since the very first day when it was assigned my first project — jeKbills (click on it to read the article I wrote about this experience) — , but the best was yet to come.

One of our core services is the organization of events. With that, it’s only natural that I’ve been participating in many of them (probably all). These events are usually tech related, and as a member of the staff and also as a participant (in some way) I always try to absorb the maximum of information and knowledge that I can. It’s always so interesting how these meetings can provide an exchange of different visions and incredible experiences.

“All knowledge is connected to all other knowledge. The fun is in making the connections.” ― Arthur C. Aufderheide

A few months later, I had the pleasure of leading a project that put me in a really delicate position. Organizing the event named jeK Academy (click on it to read the article I wrote about this experience) required a special treatment and a vast range of skills (more than I can even count) to make it work and to answer positively to all the goals we defined as a team. But the outcome was simply gratifying!

Soon, I started to understand that all of this was causing such an impact on me, and consequently on my life, that I could not even explain! It was like I was becoming a different person, with extraordinary new perspectives and ideas.

“Make your life a masterpiece. Imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do.”

I grew so damn much, got so much wiser, ready to face everything and embrace any challenge! Day by day, I feel that my thirst for more and more just can’t stop getting bigger, that I can give life to my dreams and that all the barriers are vanishing one by one!

I gained such a confidence that I could never have before…

Step by step, I got a brand new walk!”

Okay, enough jokes! I just can’t avoid sharing with you how much this changed my mind and my vision of everything!


There’s nothing more attractive to a student than knowing that he/she will find a job easily! Being one step closer (or many…) to that amazing job we spend the whole time dreaming about is more than enough motivation to ingress this journey.

Companies are always looking for the most talented and proactive people, the ones that find passion in what they do and work hard every day seeking for a continuous improvement. By now, they are also familiarized with the kind of people that makes part of this movement, and also with the quality of their work and spirit. It’s inevitable to say that our employability rates are higher, and the reasons are pretty obvious. The truth is that the job offers usually begin even before we finish our education.

It’s all about the people

“More than a family, we are an enterprise!”

Ups! This quote doesn’t usually come like this, right? But in this case, it makes total sense… It’s impossible not to fall in love with such an amazing group of people, so we very easily became a family! This feeling is so strong that once one of our ex-CEO’s just missed the order during a presentation, and it was really not on purpose…

It’s so much easier to make great things when you have exceptional people on your side! Our different study fields and (hard/soft) skills complement each other, and our aspirations/motivations simply match together, allowing us to conquer anything we want!

But what really makes the biggest difference is the mindset and the personality that each person brings to this organization, to this home!

Without them, I wouldn’t be able to go as far as I’m going! And I want to accomplish even more, with them!

Becoming a JADE Promoter

Another technical definition: JADE is the European Confederation of Junior Enterprises. This means that it is the umbrella organization that represents, integrates and supports the European Network of Junior Enterprises

I became a JADE Promoter when I came to a country where there was not one single JE (Czech Republic) and I brought with me the mission of introducing the concept here and the goal of creating the first Czech JE .

A Czech jeKnowledge would be perfection… (And it will!)

I want these people to experience the same thing as I do… I want to cause an impact worldwide and I want them to do it as well!

Together we grow!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, this really turned my life upside down, and I’m really loving the view from here!

I’d be glad to see more people join this movement and generate as much impact as they can on their own lives, just like I’m doing with mine!

Saying that this changed me it’s actually unfair… It just helped me finding and guiding myself to become better, every day!

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