7 Ways to Disrespect Trinidadian Food

Written by DJ JEL & RotiPizza

As Trinidadians living in the States, we are serious about a few things, including carnival, music and feting. We are also serious about our food, as a major part of our culture, so when we encounter disrespect toward any part of it from preparation to execution, we have to speak up. Get ready for a better Trini culinary experience!

Here are the top seven ways that you can disrespect Trinidadian cuisine.

7. Using hot sauce instead of pepper sauce to flavor Curry or Stew dishes

6. Not seasoning meats with some type of green seasoning

5. Eating pholourie without a tamarind or mango chutney

4. Heating up roti in the microwave at the roti shop

3. Getting only ONE Double (Doubles)

2. Throwing away the mango seed from mango chow

1. Eating roti with a spoon

Can you think of any more? Leave it in the comments below. All jokes aside, don’t look like a tourist when you are taking part in enjoying our cuisine.

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