Monthly Recap: August 2017

The month of August had noteworthy events:

  • Amazon and WholeFoods merged on August 29th, leading with deals in store and online.
  • Snapchat ($SNAP) tanked over 14% after missing earnings expectations, adding to a total year to date loss of 23.7%
  • Disney traded down after a weak earnings report and Netflix pulled back after Disney announced it would remove all of its content from the streaming service.
  • Hurricane Harvey brought much devastation to southern Texas, creating an increase in gas prices throughout the country.
  • After various CEO’s stepped down from the Manufacturing Council, President Trump ultimately dismantled the group.
  • The S&P 500 hit various lows throughout the month of August.
  • North Korea continued to make threats, and launches missile over Japan. China said it would stop imports to North Korea if threats continue.