Iron Update: Week 2

The education style of a coding bootcamp is a much different beast than formal CS education. It’s more akin to a course of self-study, but with someone else providing the resources, setting up the study plan, being available for constructive Socratic question/teaching help, offering advice and feedback. There’s a mental switch that I see different students struggle with flipping — it’s not about getting a high score, being perfect or being the first to turn in the assignment — it’s about learning. The purpose is to teach the students to be enthusiastic, flexible lifetime learners. Teaching us to teach ourselves, if you will.

It’s been invigorating to be programming again. Just working through the projects gives me a huge mental and emotional boost, which in turn ramps of my patience and ability to persevere when I stumble across problems that are a little trickier. Being accountable to more than just myself has helped keep me on track, and being able to talk tech all day just adds to my general enthusiasm. I am NOT a morning person, but I’ve started waking up earlier lately so I don’t miss a minute.


Sun [4 hours]: Put some more time into weekend assignment

Mon [12 hours]: Stand up code review with a couple of people for weekend project; covered NOCList, UITableView, utilizing a JSON dictionary, iterating over an array of dictionaries, passing data to a table

Tues [8 hours]: More discussions of Git, Github Desktop and Github website, pull requests, merge, revert; Apple Developer Portal, Models (in MVC); signed up as an Apple Developer

Wed [12 hours]: More UITableViews, data validation, creating static forms, business logic v. view logic, practice with delegation and passing data between classes

Thur [10 hours]: quiz, review homework, prepare for weekend project, new code katas assigned, weekend project did a good job of emphasizing the need to break apart the business and review logic, and passing data between classes

Fri [6 hours]: Completed weekend assignment and code kata; weekly cohort huddle with a discussion of keeping a growth mindset/positive outlook, networking, job searching; Orrett Davis of OTA came in to give us a talk about Orlando Tech Association and the Orlando tech scene as a whole, different networking opportunities

Sat [6 hours]: Added some functionality and flexibility to weekend assignment, finally finished one of the problems from the first kata, cleaned up and merged assignment branches (I love you, Tower!)

Weekly Scrum:

Bright bulb: Broke through a couple of walls when it came to passing data between picker views and view controllers; made lunch for the week on Sunday so it was one less thing to worry about

Dim bulb: Took longer than I’d like figuring out some little errors to do with wrapping/unwrapping objects; eating the exact same lunch every day gets very boring very quickly

Blocker: Nothing to report, it’s been a good week