Given the database where all the users’ data is stored in one huge XML string, fetch it as separate rows and columns.


  • The private field determines whether the user's email address should be publicly visible
  • If the profile is private, email_address should equal "Hidden"
  • The users may have multiple email addresses
  • If no email addresses are provided, email_address should equal "None"
  • If there’re multiple email addresses, the first one should be shown
  • The date_of_birth is in the yyyy-mm-dd format
  • The age fields represents the user's age in years
  • Order the result by the first_name, and last_name columns

Input table

| Table | Column | Type |
| users | id | int |
| | data | xml |

XML format


Output table

| Column | Type |
| first_name | text |
| last_name | text |
| age | int |
| email_address | text |


(xpath('/user/first_name/text()', data))[1]::text as first_name,
(xpath('/user/last_name/text()', data))[1]::text as last_name,
date_part('year', age(((xpath('/user/date_of_birth/text()', data))[1]::text)::date))::int as age,
when (xpath('/user/private/text()', data))[1]::text = 'true' then 'Hidden'
when not xpath_exists('/user/email_addresses/address', data) then 'None'
else (xpath('/user/email_addresses/address/text()', data))[1]
end as email_address
from unnest(xpath('/data/user', (select data from users limit 1))) as data
order by first_name, last_name;




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