1196. How Many Apples Can You Put into the Basket

You have some apples, where arr[i] is the weight of the i-th apple. You also have a basket that can carry up to 5000 units of weight.

Return the maximum number of apples you can put in the basket.

Example 1:

Input: arr = [100,200,150,1000]
Output: 4
Explanation: All 4 apples can be carried by the basket since their sum of weights is 1450.

Example 2:

Input: arr = [900,950,800,1000,700,800]
Output: 5
Explanation: The sum of weights of the 6 apples exceeds 5000 so we choose any 5 of them.


  • 1 <= arr.length <= 10^3
  • 1 <= arr[i] <= 10^3


# min-heapclass Solution:
def maxNumberOfApples(self, arr: List[int]) -> int:
apples = units = 0
# arr[0] always represents the smallest element in the min-heap
while arr and units + arr[0] <= 5000:
units += heapq.heappop(arr)
apples += 1
return apples
TC: O(N + k*longN),
# k is the number of apples would put in the basket
SC: O(1)# sortclass Solution:
def maxNumberOfApples(self, arr: List[int]) -> int:
apples = units = 0
for _, weight in enumerate(arr):
units += weight
if units > 5000:
apples += 1
return apples
TC: O(nlogn) # becoz of sorting
SC: O(1)





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