Leetcode SQL

626. Exchange Seats

Design a data structure that supports all following operations in average O(1) time.

  1. insert(val): Inserts an item val to the set if not already present.
  2. remove(val): Removes an item val from the set if present.
  3. getRandom: Returns a random element from current set of elements (it's guaranteed that at least one element exists when this method is called). Each element must have the same probability of being returned.


// Init an empty set.
RandomizedSet randomSet = new RandomizedSet();
// Inserts 1 to the set. Returns true as 1 was inserted successfully.
// Returns false as 2 does not exist in the set.
// Inserts 2 to the set, returns true. Set now contains [1,2].
// getRandom should return either 1 or 2 randomly.
// Removes 1 from the set, returns true. Set now contains [2].
// 2 was already in the set, so return false.
// Since 2 is the only number in the set, getRandom always return 2.

Logic: One thing to notice: Aside from create a new variable cnt, we also create a temp table t for cnt. Additionally, Use = instead of == as it is not boolean statement.


select if(cnt%2=1 and id = cnt, id, if(id%2=1, id+1, id-1)) as id,
student from seat, (select count(*) as cnt from seat) as t order by id;




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