is different from JOOR

Making better fashion B2B

Fashion B2C business is really advanced if you consider eBay, Amazon and other fashion e-commerce.

But fashion B2B is still very old industry.

If you need to find good brand, for example, visiting offline trade show is the best option.

JOOR is challenging to this traditional way of doing business by offering completely online fashion B2B trade.

You can see how it works from this nice videos.

I love this service. It is very simple and easy to use.

The videos are very inspiring.

Although JOOR is top runner as fashion B2B solution,

we believe something is missing in JOOR.

1. Fee is very expensive

For exhibited brands, JOOR is taking $6,000/year as a service fee.

This is not bad if compared with traditional offline trade shows.

But it is still very expensive as a web service fee.

Especially for emerging small brands, the profit is not guaranteed even if they pay $6000 to JOOR.

It can be total loss. is free service at the moment.

We want to disrupt JOOR’s pricing.

2.Not all the brands have beautiful product photos

JOOR looks like a normal fashion e-commerce interface.

Therefore brands need to put beautiful product photos with models.

Otherwise they can not sell well.

But at the same time, fashion is still old industry.

Not everyone has photos shot in studio.

Some of brands still trade with image photos, sketches and line sheets.

JOOR can not cover this kind of old fashioned brand. is a very easy solution by connecting brand’s instagram account.

We can cover old fashioned brands which do not have lookbook for JOOR.

3. JOOR does not have a strong connection in Asia

JOOR has offices in NY, LA, Milan, Paris and Australia.

Therefore JOOR covers Western brands and boutiques. is based in Japan.

And if consider population increase in China, India and South East Asia,

Asia is the market for the future.

We plan to cover all international fashion brands and introduce to Asian boutique buyers.

Difference between JOOR and


- $6,000/year fee

- For medium to big size companies

- Focus on the U.S. and Europe


- Free to use as beta version

- For small and medium size companies

- Focus on bringing international brand to Asia

As conclusion, both JOOR and are making better fashion B2B industry.

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