Jennifer Terrell Explains How Human Development Can Benefit One’s Life and Career

What are some of the best ways you can improve your life and career? As a passionate advocate of human development, Jennifer Terrell believes investing in your personal growth is one of the best ways to advance in your career. She takes the time to highlight the correlation between human development and one’s professional achievements.

The Open Mind of a Beginner

Adhering to set policies and procedures is a vital component to any professional environment. After landing her first sales job, Jennifer took the advice of her superiors, by memorizing standard protocols. After her continued success, she recognized that those who diverged from the process experienced lower results.

Jennifer Terrell attributes her success to her naivete as a budding sales rep. Whereas other sales professionals believed they knew better, she had no previous sales experience and was able to take advantage of her lack of previous knowledge.

As a defining moment in her career, she claims that was the day she truly became a sales student and began a path in human development.

What lessons can we learn from her experience?

Becoming a Life-Long Student

There is a methodology to the sales process, just as there exists a methodology behind software development, architecture, and success in any field. She claims that adhering to a set foundation is likely to help one achieve positive results.

From her very first day as a sales rep, Jennifer Terrell took advantage of countless books and resources to further develop her skills and increase her knowledge in the field. When her career led her to a management position, she kept the same mindset — she knew there were countless sources of information out there on how to be a successful manager. From that point on, she became a student of the craft of sales management.

Human Development in 2019

In today’s digital age, there exists a wide range of online resources and an abundance of information available at our fingertips. Taking advantage of this information and investing time into your own development can help you kickstart your success.

Additionally, in today’s competitive job landscape, staying on top of the latest innovations and business trends are a must. Highly successful individuals adapt to their environment and work diligently to understand specific methodologies. Ultimately, there is always room for self-improvement, and it is essential to both personal and professional development.

Wrapping it Up

Jennifer Terrell advises you to stay humble and always be ready to become a student again, no matter where you are along your path. The more you know, the less you know!

Jennifer Terrell: Business Through My Eyes

Business professional Jennifer Terrell shares her views and advice

Jennifer Terrell

Written by

Jennifer is a former Sales Executive at LivingSocial and Groupon. Based out of Nashville, she specializes in helping start-ups generate revenue.

Jennifer Terrell: Business Through My Eyes

Business professional Jennifer Terrell shares her views and advice

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