Jennifer Terrell on the Importance of Culture to the Success of an Organization

Most company executives agree that company culture has a significant influence on the success or failure of an organization. To shed some light on the subject, Jennifer Terrell explains her thoughts on company culture, building a sales team, and growth of an organization.

The Clash Between Sales Reps and Company Values

Jennifer Terrell claims that quite often the profiles of high-performing sales reps do not line up with their company’s core values, which can lead to a series of challenges. For example, a company that values a highly collaborative environment, may not hire an individual who excels in autonomously and singularly influencing potential clients.

Similarly, a company focused on finding an individual who values inclusivity and acceptance, should not be looking for someone with a fiercely competitive side.

She states that a disconnect between a high performing individual and company culture can lead to several long-term issues.

Hiring High-Performance Sales Reps

Firstly, if you have established the perfect sales rep profile, but fail to take your core values into consideration, you will need great sales leaders for these teams to develop a micro-culture within a sales team.

This team should not only be high-performing, but should be aligned with the company’s goals, and this can only be accomplished by placing strong, positive leaders in place with your performance-focused sales reps.

That is far from an easy task, but as Jennifer Terrell warns, failure to implement this type of leader can quickly result in situations where your sales team goes rogue — such a sales team can develop their own micro-culture that runs counter to your company culture.

Hiring Sales Reps Who Align with Your Values

Secondly, you can run into the opposite problem when you recruit sales reps who are perfectly aligned with your company’s values. These sales hires can contribute to building the culture you are looking for, but sometimes fail to perform at a high level. According to Jennifer Terrell, this happens more often than not, and she recommends implementing a comprehensive screening process including a simulation sales pitch that provides management with an accurate insight into the applicant’s performance capabilities.

As a result, companies end up wasting financial resources refreshing their sales team to up the organization’s performance.

Wrapping it Up — How to Build a Sales Team with Company Values

To counteract these issues, Jennifer Terrell suggests doing the following:

Identify what core values in your business are non-negotiable, then build the perfect profile of sales reps your company needs for high performance. From there, find where both overlap — this is where you should focus on when building your sales team.

Jennifer Terrell: Business Through My Eyes

Business professional Jennifer Terrell shares her views and advice

Jennifer Terrell

Written by

Jennifer is a former Sales Executive at LivingSocial and Groupon. Based out of Nashville, she specializes in helping start-ups generate revenue.

Jennifer Terrell: Business Through My Eyes

Business professional Jennifer Terrell shares her views and advice

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