Monday Playlist: Work Chillout

Jennifer McDermott
May 11, 2015 · 2 min read

Relaxing music for the lucky listeners at work. If you need to get stuff done and stay calm, this is the playlist for you.

I’m lucky enough to be able to play whatever music I like and at whatever volume I like because I work from home, but I have also worked in offices where headphones are allowed. In any case, though I love a bit of electro if I’m in a rush, if I really need to concentrate I love sticking on some chilled out music at high volume. These are my top ten tunes for that very occasion.

1 Love Theme from Bladerunner — Vangelis

Ultimate relaxation. Listen here. Did you ever notice how it sort of sounds like “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” by Franki Valli though?

2 Behind the Light — Bonobo

A very light and airy fairy tune with a great beat.

3 Hours — Tycho

Tycho is really great overall for working to — many of his tracks have that great ambiance sound with a beat to get your head down to.

4 That’s the Way — Led Zeppelin

Gorgeous. About this song, Page explained, “That’s the Way” was written in Wales. It was one of those days after a long walk and we were setting back to the cottage. We had a guitar with us. It was a tiring walk coming down a ravine and we stopped and sat down. I played the tune and Robert sang the first verse straight off. We had a tape recorder with us and we got the tune down”. Lovely. It’s a sad song, with lyrics I believe can be interpreted in your own way. But great for listening to loud while working. Listen here.

5 Knuddelmaus — Ulrich Schnauss

I have loved this German musician and producer forever for working to -he practically got me through my dissertation!

6 Andalusia — Hammock

Hammock are another great band for relaxing to in any capacity. Very ambient band — though this is one of their more melodic songs with more instruments. Again, play loud.

7 Waves — Robin Schulz

Quite a recent and popular tune — I believe it got quite high in the UK charts. This song is great because it’s relaxing but you can also attempt to sing along. A benefit to working from home. Find it here.

8 The Four of us are Dying — Nine Inch Nails

A bit of a dark one, actually. No lyrics, just a low, gloomy sound. But a great track nonetheless. Watch the video below to hear it overlaid to The Twilight Zone

9 Halcyon And On And On — Orbital

This track covers a few bases; ambient, dancy, catchy beat and relaxing. Bit of an early 90s sound.

10 Tide — Trentemøller

This song is one of the artist’s best for relaxing and working to. Like many on this list, has a bit of everything, but not too distracting while you’re trying to work. Listen here.


Product Owner. Previously SEO & Digital Marketing. Northerner in London. Favourite pastime is eating, followed by learning new stuff.

Jennifer McDermott

Written by

Nee Hocking. Product Owner. Northerner. Nerd.


Product Owner. Previously SEO & Digital Marketing. Northerner in London. Favourite pastime is eating, followed by learning new stuff.

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