Spotlight on: Cocteau Twins

Jennifer McDermott
Mar 21, 2013 · 2 min read

I noticed today that there was an article in the Guardian about Cocteau Twins, and I thought, what better reason to write about an old band, simply because you love them and want more people to know about them / reflect on them.

So many new bands get reviews (obviously, I get that) but I’d like to give Cocteau Twins a little mention.

I heard Cocteau Twins being played long before I knew who they were. I grew up with two older, fantastic friends who were like older siblings to me and introduced me to all the cool things I now love (Buffy, Firefly, heaps of good films, lots of good music, Sims, (YES, SIMS — it’s awesome), to name a few). I kept hearing them being played and kept thinking over and over, and when I asked who they were, not only did I experience the joy of going on to discover them myself too, but also I found those songs that I had been hearing for years that reminded me fondly of my friends and times we’d shared.

For me, and as also explained in The Guardian article, I don’t think hard on the lyrics. It’s about the feeling. When I listen to them I feel wrapped up in a whirlwind of soothing tones, comfort, excitement, nostalgia. (And also, they are perfect for reading music).

I’d never met anyone else (apart from my aforementioned friends and my mother) who liked them until recently, and listening to them until that point had been a very private thing. They’re not everyone’s taste. However, as a sidenote, I was then introduced to The Jesus and Mary Chain, who, are also definitely worth a listen if you like this kinda thing.

I’ll leave you with my favourite Cocteau Twins songs.

Know Who You Are at Every Age

Orange Appled

Cherry Coloured Funk



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Jennifer McDermott
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