Spotlight on: Fell Foot Sound Festival UK 26–28 July 2013

Jennifer McDermott
Jun 28, 2013 · 2 min read

I’d like to introduce a small festival in the UK, Fell Foot Sound, that a dear friend of mine is getting involved with this year (and hopefully for many years to come).

The festival is held at Fell Foot Wood (which, according to the landowner, houses some cosmic forest energy. I think this may call for a camping trip up there to check out this cosmic shizzle, I’ll report back.), which overlooks Lake Windermere in Cumbria.

The festival will also have some top notch camping facilities, including good toilets (hurrah!) and homemade food (much nicer than that usual plastic burger you get at festivals). This year’s Festival is curated by Leeds based promoters British Wildlife Festival and Dead Young Records (aka my pals). They’re bringing you some really fantastic bands, fronted by some excellent female singers (I just did a special sisterhood power-air fist), including Sky Larkin, Underground Railroad (from Paris!), Salford Media City and our favourite, Witch Hunt.

Let’s just take a moment to talk about Witch Hunt. I saw them live at Live at Leeds this year and my goodness, was I blown away. They’re Leeds based, (big up the local bands), and consist of 2 members, Louisa Osborn (singer, drums) and Chris Mulligan (singer, guitarist). They have an electric stage presence, and Louisa’s voice has gorgeous Joplin vibes coupled with a high pitched, elegant but tingling shriek. (Shriek sounds bad, but it’s not, it’s bloody amazing). Seriously. Check them out — here’s their new single, Crawl.

There’s going to be a purpose built wooded grotto stage at the festival (which I’m gutted I won’t get to experience this year), and plenty of other things to do including those all important country pubs nearby, communal campfires, and a National Trust Park on the doorstep.

It’s a small festival that I’m predicting will become very, very popular due to it’s gorgeous atmosphere and intimate nature. Plus it’s only £42.50 for a weekend (inc. camping) ticket. Yowza. Get your tickets here, and support some totally awesome dudes bringing you some totally rad music and a lovely jubbly experience to boot.

Full line up:

Sky Larkin / Thomas Truax / Hey Sholay / Thomas J Speight / Cowtown / Gum Takes Tooth / Witch Hunt / Bilge Pump / Sam Airey / Dancing Years / Swimming Lessons / Salford Media City / Harry Ridgway / Ikestra / Nope / Bearfoot Beware / Super Luxury / Two Minute Noodles & some special surprises!


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