JENNY DAO Appraisal Announcement

NeFerTiti NFT has released the appraisal of JENNY DAO; in it entailing JENNY’s NFT portfolio, the market situation for NFTs and a performance analysis of JENNY. The appraisal was released on June 21, 2022.

In the advent of a very turbulent market situation, Jenny DAO’s performance is said to be greatly impacted by the recent plunge in ETH (Ethereum) exchange rate. However, still managed to gain in ETH value at +531.65 ETH; as of June 15th, this indicates that JENNY’s performance has amplified by +32.3%.

How was JENNY DAO evaluated?

The appraisal method is based on a weight average that gave higher importance to recent sales, while also considering specific collection sales, past sales, floor price, dates of previous sales and the prominence of the projects. Given that Jenny DAO includes commissioned pieces, posing additional challenges in assessing their value, Nefertiti utilized both quantitative measures as well as qualitative elements such as artists’ prestige, quality of a collaboration, historical significance and so forth.

There’s been a great diversity on collection pieces and metaverse NFTs, which did extremely well, wereas NFT art struggle to keep its purchase value. Overall, Jenny’s shown to have a strong reliance on BAYC and Cryptopunk, with a significant gain of 520.38 ETH gained from these 6 pieces almost equals the total amount of ETH gained for the entire portfolio.

Find the full article here: Jenny DAO’s NFT Portfolio Appraisal

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About Jenny DAO

Building a top collection of assets in the metaverse

Jenny DAO is a joint contemporary art collection where you are a visitor, user, and director at the same time!



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