Migrate your uJENNY to JENNY v2!

Jenny DAO has migrated its collection over to Unicly v2!

JENNY v2’s supply is 1M JENNY tokens — exactly 1/10 of the supply of uJENNY.

Each uJENNY token can be converted into 0.1 JENNY tokens here: https://jenny-migration-tool.vercel.app/

All you have to do is connect your wallet, approve, and click “Migrate”.

Liquidity has been seeded into the new JENNY-ETH pool on Unicly v2. JENNY v2 will be directly backed by sales of NFTs in the Jenny DAO collection.

You can check out all Unicly v2 vaults, including Jenny DAO’s, here: https://www.app.unic.ly/#/vaults

What’s next?

More NFTs will be listed near the floor price on Unicly v2, allowing people to bid on them! Auctions can be triggered by anyone at any time.



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