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5 min readSep 7, 2022


To our Jenny DAO Community,

  • August has taken us on another heat wave along with exciting projects in the NFT space that we are thrilled to share. Some of our key updates this month include Jenny DAO’s invitation by the Artisant to share a Twitter Space, and Prada NFT Purchases!

August Highlights

JENNY DAO’s Editorial Selection

The peaceful summer months in the NFT industry is a great time to brush up your knowledge on the shifting space, from the rise of NFT Photography to a venture capital’s perspective on DAOs. These are carefully selected picks that deserve an absolute read! Spare a few minutes to gain some quick insights and tips into what’s been happening.

NFT Sells and Purchases
August was a fruitful month where we’ve added some of the most sought-out pieces in the market! Our curation council acquired luxury pieces as well from Prada, as well as continued with our Photography NFT interests. We would like to share some of this months’ pieces with you!

  1. DEVELOPER TRAY, Marlene #7 by Peter Nitsch (Check it out here)

Developer Tray is composed of a series of portrait photographs of Marlene, a young teenager photographed the way she wanted to see herself. These video portraits, swaying gently through water, look almost as though they are dancing and emerging from the darkness.

2. Archetype #103 by Kjetil Golid (Check it out here)

Jenny DAO is constantly on the lookout for Bluechips in the NFT space! We were still missing a gem from the Artblocks collection, and we are super happy with our new purchase of Archetype!

3. Ieva #223 by shvembldr (Check it out here)

Leva is an algorithm that creates a shape in a specific sequence from a random point on the grid and smooths out its corners. Overlapping such shapes creates endless possibilities of combinations that will always remain balanced and aesthetically pleasing. Sometimes you buy art because you think the work is fantastic and sometimes you want to support the artist and very occasionally that really comes together. That’s really the case now!

4. PRADA Timecapsule: June 2022 — #CassxPrada (Check it out here)

The Prada Timecapsule NFT is gifted alongside the physical Timecapsule piece.

The NFT includes the drop serial number and the numbering of each physical item in order to have an exact correspondence.

5. Overpass by Grant Riven Yun (Check it out here)

Jenny DAO has become the proud owner of this NFT! We continue to add to our collection with top-notch digital art. This piece is part of the “Midwest” collection. A romanticism of life in the Midwest of the US.

6. PUMA Nitropass #1231 (Check it out here)

The ‘Nitropass’ is the access pass of the Nitro project, it will allow access to mint NFTs of never seen before designs and access to an exclusive group that receives in-real-life physical products.


As the digital fashion industry is rapidly growing, Jenny DAO has gladly hopped on the bandwagon. In early August, Jenny Metaverse DAO held its first Fashion Week! Digital fashion is an intricate subject that touches on not just aesthetic aspects but even emotional. This article explores in-depth the implications of “imaginary clothing” in the metaverse and how it can be utilised to various extents, even politically!

Check it out: Why Digital Fashion will become a universal need as our virtual worlds expand

Peter Nitsch — DRAWLIGHTS

Big up to Peter Nitsch for the launch of your newsletter DRAWLIGHTS. Jenny Dao supports and sponsors this great initiative — Peter Nitsch is an artist and photographer, and he is also a member at Jenny DAO


Nike ranks highest revenue in NFT Collections

According to Dune Analytics, out of all the brands that issued NFT collections on ETH, Nike ranked the highest with total revenue of $185.27M. Nike pocketed $93.10M from the primary sale of its NFTs and another $92.17M from royalties. Read the full article here

Mieke Marple on Noah Davis’ journey in the NFT space (Read more here)

A highly recommended article by Mieke Marple, she discusses the bear market in the cryptocurrency, and Davis’ career leading upto Yuga Labs. Davis is a creative powerhouse, who believes that “Web3 is good for not just artists, but for humanity in general”, and has an interesting story to unravel in the article.

Jenny DAO’s invitation by the Artisant to share a Twitter Space

LucieUjenny discussed with Artisant, Mochic.nft and Leila Ismailova, some of her favourite NFT pieces, her thoughts on the current digital fashion space. Exciting topics like Web3 innovations, digital fashion, photography NFTs were discussed. An entertaining and educational podcast.

Listen here

Migrate to uJENNY

A gentle reminder that Jenny Dao has migrated its collection to Unicly V2. Jenny V2’s supply is 1M JENNY tokens, that’s exactly 1/10 of the uJENNY supply. You can still migrate your uJENNY to Jenny DAO v2. Each uJENNY token can be converted into 0.1 JENNY tokens here

Read more: Migrate your uJENNY to JENNY v2! — Jenny Metaverse DAO — Medium

Designer and Brand Highlight
Also in August, we highlighted a designer and gave attention to a bigger brand:

  • Diesel
  • RTFKT x Nike
  • Adidas
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Rebecca Minkoff
  • Regina Turbina
  • Stephy Fung
  • Mochic
  • IANA

New Artists at Jenny’s Collection

We’ve recently welcomed a few great artists, photographers, fashion designers to Jenny who will be enriching our collections. We would like to warmly welcome them to our community:

  • PUMA
  • Kjetil Golid
  • shvembldr
  • Grant Riven Yun

How Can You Get Involved with Jenny DAO?

Our first and foremost aim is to expand our community. Help us spread the word for Jenny DAO, so we can build a larger and more engaged community together. We also love feedback and interaction, and love to hear from you! Interact with us on our socials:

Feel free to share any ideas or ask any questions on our various channels, and we look forward to another month!



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