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Jenny Metaverse DAO
Jenny Metaverse DAO
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To all of our Jenny DAO Community members, in 2023, we want to strive to increase the diversity of our holdings, both in terms of the type of NFT and the artists and projects we support.

We will continue to increase the transparency and decentralization of our operations, to ensure more equitable and fair governance.

Finally, we must work to increase our outreach and education efforts so that more people can enjoy the benefits of NFTs.

With LOVE from all of us @Jenny DAO, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

January Highlights

JENNY DAO’s Editorial Selection

The Editorial Selection offers a great opportunity to stay informed and knowledgeable about NFTs. Taking a few minutes to read these carefully chosen pieces can provide valuable insight and advice on how to make the most of NFTs.

NFT Sells and Purchases

We are delighted to share this month’s sales and purchases with you!

  1. Primera #132 by Mitchell and Yun — Purchase

Primera is the genesis project from Andrew Mitchell and Grant Riven Yun written completely in p5.js. Primera, capped at 400 individual pieces generated upon mint, has been a project for years in the making.

2. Sewer pass — Sales

We listed 2 Sewer Pass Tier 3 on Unicly’s platform and sold them during the auction. A Sewer Pass grants access to Yuga Labs Dookey Dash interactive skill-based mint. The auctions were a great success, congrats to the winners!


  1. Poem on Meebits with Open ai tool

Jenny Dao, a true pioneer

Collected her Meebits so very near

The start of the NFT space

A feat few can replicate or replace

She boldly dove in

Her passion to win

As her Meebits grew

The joy of her collection was plain to view

2. Twitter Space — Educational NFTs

Missed out on the special Twitter Space event featuring Tiny Tap CEO @yogev77, investors @karmapocket, @rambo1stbld and teacher @gulcetgil

Listen and find out how @animocabrands’ Tiny Tap decentralizes education here

3. Blessing from The Pass

We received a nice blessing from The Pass for 2023.

Thank you Frens, we are happy to be part of the family ;)

4. Community Vote

Jenny DAO voted with 46K votes in favour of the following: “Should we sell our

Chromie Squiggles? More on that in our February Monthly Community Update.

Designer and Brand Highlight

This month we would like to highlight some of the best artists and brands that have shone JENNY DAO’s collection!

  • Grant Riven Yun
  • Meebits @ Yuga Labs
  • Anna Condo
  • Rumi Ando
  • Amy Woodward
  • Shane Lavalette
  • Valentino Bellini

New Artists at Jenny’s Collection

Here are our latest projects, artists, photographers, fashion designers entering the Jenny DAO community, who will be enriching our collection. We would like to warmly welcome them to our community:

  • Andrew Mitchell
  • Tiny Taps

Migrate to uJENNY

A gentle reminder that Jenny Dao has migrated its collection to Unicly V2. Jenny V2’s supply is 1M JENNY tokens, that’s exactly 1/10 of the uJENNY supply. You can still migrate your uJENNY to Jenny DAO v2. Each uJENNY token can be converted into 0.1 JENNY tokens here . Read more: Migrate your uJENNY to JENNY v2

How Can You Get Involved with Jenny DAO?

Our first and foremost aim is to expand our community. Help us spread the word for Jenny DAO, so we can build a larger and more engaged community together. We also love feedback and interaction, and love to hear from you! Interact with us on our socials:

members of the Jenny DAO community

Feel free to share any ideas or ask any questions on our various channels, and we look forward to a great year!



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Jenny Metaverse DAO

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