Monthly Updates from the Jenny DAO Community

Hi Jenny DAO Community, 🛬

📅 February was a great and busy month for Jenny DAO.

🚀 We have lots of announcements and updates summarized for you!

Key Updates — Feb 2022

  • 🙏Thanks to Misha De Ridder and, a very nice quality print of “#106 Edition365” will be offered to the Jenny DAO community as the first collector of his NFT, see it here.
  • 📔 We received a gift from the Nouns DAO — The first Nouns colouring book which can be downloaded 👉here. 🌲Jenny DAO has Noun 66 in its collection ➡ click to see here
  • 🤝 To coincide with the launch of the “Fellowship 10k” project, Jenny DAO received an exclusive pre-mint package of 2 NFT photographs for 50 of its members.
    You can read more about this exciting partnership with Fellowship Trust here
  • 🎙 Check out LucieUjenny’s interview with photographer Hannah Whitaker.

🔍Discover Hannah’s innovative and arresting photographic works, from female bodies to metal grades and sheets of coloured paper. 🎬 Watch it here

  • ❣️We are thrilled to announce a partnership with Tuzanye Game Guild.

🤵We will bring our expertise as a community that curates, collects, and fractionalizes NFTs to the p2e industry. Read here.

  • 🔥Find out how Jenny DAO joined Dvision Metaverse🔥

🏗 Jenny DAO will build a spectacular community in the Dvision Network and will lend out NFTs to the Tuzanye Guild! Read more details here.

  • 🙏Thanks to Karen Navarro, a gorgeous quality print of “#305 Edition365” will be provided to Jenny DAO being the first collector, view here.
  • 📢 The vote to create the Jenny Gaming Sub-DAO to manage play-to-earn NFT assets, passed with flying colors!👏

🎮P2E offers Jenny DAO a chance to receive sustainable and recurring income💸

💥This will support our long-term ambitions to build one of the highest quality NFT collections in the world while offering on-chain ownership rights and accessibility through fractionalization🚀

  • 👥We hosted a very interesting panel on the “Emerging Platforms of Photography NFT” with Assembly, and Fellowship Trust 📷
    📺 Watch the discussion and learn more about NFT photography here.
  • Find out how Jenny DAO partnered with OpenBlox to offer Play-to-Earn yield generating opportunities here .
  • 🏝 Our partners from Nifty Island have given our community 30 whitelist spots for their upcoming closed alpha🙏

🚀 This is a great opportunity for the Jenny DAO community to test the game and build our space prior to the Beta launch.

  • 🐈 Watch LucieUjenny’s interview with the inspiring Bilal El Alamy, co-founder of Dogami 🐾 Get to know the “Petaverse”. 👉 See here
  • 🙏Thanks to photographer Tommy Kwak, a beautiful quality print of “Lifeguard Towers: Miami #80” will be given to Jenny DAO, see here 🚀
  • 🙌 We warmly welcome these great photographers to Jenny’s collection this month💫

📷Omar Z. Robles 📷Peter Nitsch 📷 Barbara Davidson 📷 Poulomi Basu 📷 📷 Simone Monte 📷 Scott Strazzante 📷

📣 📣 How you could help and contribute to:

  • 📣 Help us spread the word for Jenny DAO, so we can build a larger and more engaged community together.
  • 🌟 Follow us on our social media channels:
  • 📄 Twitter: @JennyMetaverse — reply and retweet!!!
  • 🗣 Discord: Jenny Metaverse DAO — suggest, chat and connect with other members of the Jenny DAO community
  • ℹ Telegram: @jennymetaverse and @jennyannouncements , keep yourself informed and updated about everything that is going on in our community
  • 📸 Instagram: @jenny_metaverse_dao join, share and like our pictures
  • 📋Notion: Check out our notice board here .
  • 💥 Feel free to share any ideas or ask any questions on our various channels



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