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Jenny Metaverse DAO
6 min readNov 14, 2022


To our Jenny DAO Community,

October — we have been pacing ourselves, and allocating our focus intensely on PFP Projects. Each project is a unique endeavour to create value for our JENNY DAO members and these respective communities: Bored Apes,CloneX, Crypto Punks, Moonbirds.

We’ve continued to pour into our community with an exciting FASHIONING MASCULINITIES Contest, and witnessing the community’s individualism come to life. Follow more of our updates below:

October Highlights

JENNY DAO’s Editorial Selection

The Editorial Selection are carefully selected picks that deserve an absolute read to stay on top of the NFT space and learn how the digital landscape is shifting. Spare a few minutes to gain some quick insights and tips into how you can benefit from NFTs right now.

This month, we’ve continued to focus on fashion NFTs with bits and pieces from the art space, particularly the notable DYOR. It’s named itself as an unprecedented and authentic NFT art exhibition.

NFT Sells and Purchases

We’ve shifted our focus from PFPs to more art and fashion NFTs in October. We’ve even acquired a 3D Character art NFT — Jenny DAO is expanding its genre of collection and artists. We’d like to share some of this months’ pieces with you!

Cool Cat #9954

We are very proud to show you this newly added NFT to our collection.

Jenny DAO believes the Coolcats NFT project are among the OG pfp projects.

Ornament №54 by Jan Robert Leegte

We proudly present our new acquisition of Jan Robert Leegte, a man who was making art with and around the internet long before many VCs had ever heard of the word NFT.

Akutar #10427 by AkuDreams

Akutars are a collection of 15K unique, 3D avatars. Each Akutar grants you entry into the ever-expanding Akuverse, where lines are blurred between the digital and physical worlds.

Jenny DAO is happy to add Akutar’s pfp to its collection.

The Twins 20,590 by Pindar Van Arman

Artonomous portrait of The Twins, a bitGAN created from the burning of bitGANs (9/128) & (117/128). This portrait was painted by an AI-enabled robot with 20590 brushstrokes.

9dcc ITERATION-01 vaulted XL by 4K Protocol

Jenny DAO believes fashion is going to play a big role in combination with NFTs.

Hence, we support 9dcc with our purchase! They clearly understand the crypto space and will have a major impact on the luxury market.

Evolution is inevitable #1/1 by Mankind / Rhett Dashwood

“We are a reflection of our environment. Our environment is a reflection of us.” Rhett Dashwood was an Art Director from award-winning branding, digital, and advertising studios. After a near-death experience concerning health, a mental existential struggle began that he found echoed the pages of ‘Confession’ by Leo Tolstoy. ‘Since death is inevitable, what is the meaning of life?” He found the answer of hope by exploring, creating and sharing through the moniker ‘Mankind’.’ His ‘Still Movements’ collection features 3 auctions at varying prices and quantities.


Parallela Hoodie by Dolce & Gabbana

A good example and elaboration of the applicability of an NFT approach around fashion. We are delighted with our claimed fashion wearables UNXD. 100% Made in Italy and personally designed by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.



JENNY DAO advocates for fashion in amalgamation with NFT. When technology is weaved into the NFT space, there are endless possibilities and project opportunities.

Our latest project has been a competition hosted together with Artisant

Fashioning Masculinities Contest

Here we discuss the launch and importance of our « Fashioning Masculinities » contest:
Play recording: Fashioning Masculinities Contest

“Digital Fashion in DAO and The New NFT Trends”

Join the Twitter space hosted by The Pass, discussing “Digital Fashion in DAO and The New NFT Trends” with @rambo1stbld, Jenny DAO — Layne, TRLab — @AnanasBRB, Arts DAO — @bradrian_0x, El Collectooorr

Play recording: Digital Fashion In DAO and The New NFT Trends

Conversation with Pieter Hugo & Ron Yakir

Jenny DAO hosted a broadcast event of South African photographer Pieter Hugo in conversation with Ron Yakir, discussing photography, experiences of publishing, NFTs, and much more! Watch here: Conversation with Pieter Hugo & Ron Yakir

Designer and Brand Highlight

This month we would like to highlight some of the best artists and brands that have shone JENNY DAO’s collection!

  • Robness
  • Adidas
  • Misha de Ridder
  • Grant Riven Yun
  • Reuben Wu
  • Jonas Bendiksen
  • Dmitri Cherniak
  • László Moholy-Nagy

New Artists at Jenny’s Collection

Here are our latest projects, artists, photographers, fashion designers entering the Jenny DAO community, who will be enriching our collection. We would like to warmly welcome them to our community:

  • Coolcats
  • Jan Robert Leegte
  • AkuDreams
  • Pindar Van Arman
  • 4K Protocol
  • Mankind / Rhett Dashwood

Migrate to uJENNY

A gentle reminder that Jenny Dao has migrated its collection to Unicly V2. Jenny V2’s supply is 1M JENNY tokens, that’s exactly 1/10 of the uJENNY supply. You can still migrate your uJENNY to Jenny DAO v2. Each uJENNY token can be converted into 0.1 JENNY tokens here

Read more: Migrate your uJENNY to JENNY v2

How Can You Get Involved with Jenny DAO?

Our first and foremost aim is to expand our community. Help us spread the word for Jenny DAO, so we can build a larger and more engaged community together. We also love feedback and interaction, and love to hear from you! Interact with us on our socials:

Feel free to share any ideas or ask any questions on our various channels, and we look forward to another month!



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