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To all of our Jenny DAO Community members, we hope you had a great year and are entering 2023 with renewed optimism. We look forward to all the amazing possibilities this new year will bring, from discovering new artwork, innovative NFT trends and new upcoming artists to tackling new challenges and opportunities in the crypto space.

Here’s to a healthy, creative, and successful new year!

At the end of 2022, we completed our very successful “Fashioning Maculinities” Contest! Additionally, we have been exploring new possibilities in the field, including educational NFTs. Read below to find out more about our latest updates.

December Highlights

JENNY DAO’s Editorial Selection

The Editorial Selection offers a great opportunity to stay informed and knowledgeable about NFTs. Taking a few minutes to read these carefully chosen pieces can provide valuable insight and advice on how to make the most of NFTs.

NFT Sells and Purchases

Congratulations to the three winners of our Fashion Masculinities Contest, they are now entering the Jenny DAO gallery. We are delighted to share this month’s purchases with you!

  1. CREATURE by Morchen Liu

Their digital haute couture piece Creature questions “who am I?” Referencing 70s glam rock style, Morchen redefines what menswear can look like with confidence.

2. DUALITY by Monika

This outfit is an amalgamation of multiple facets of masculinity. It talks about boundless vision for masculine fashion where the odds meet and co-exist in harmony.

3. dandy_4.0 by Florencia Arezzo

This design is about the performance of masculinity, and about admitting that there is no rulebook for what it means to be a man.

4. Learning Primary & Secondary Colors for Preschool by TinyCourses

The Jenny DAO community cast their vote and acquired the Educational NFT course “Learning Primary & Secondary Colors for Preschool” from TinyCourses’ Genesis NFT collection. This course offers a secure digital environment for kids, filled with visuals and entertaining activities that make learning enjoyable.



We would like to congratulate all participants and especially the 3 winners of this memorable contest!

1st place: CREATURE by Morchen Liu

2nd place: DUALITY by Monika

3rd place: dandy_4.0 by Florencia Arezzo

You can still view all the participants creative work here

Listen to the final of the contest in this Twitter Space

You can visit the amazing Spatial gallery to discover the finalists who dressed 13 CloneX avatars from RTFKT with their creations. We have had more than 3300 visits to the space so far!

You can also style your avatar with an amazing hairstyle by L’Oreal Professional and makeup by Maybelline.

Meet the winners and participants of this exceptional event and find out more about their work in this Twitter Space

2. Rebalancing of JPG — the NFT index token from Moonrock

The JPG NFT Index (JPG) offers broad exposure to blue-chip and premier NFT collections through a single liquid token. JPG is composed of fungible versions of NFTs such as fractional NFTs, NFT liquidity vaults, NFT curation DAOs, NFT currencies, and packaged NFTs. In addition, JPG gives board rights to vote on token protocol. Jenny DAO is a part of that index.

An important vote on rebalancing was held and Jenny DAO will be even more present in the index composition with a 8.3% portion as from Jan, 1 2023.

More info here

3. Year end message and gift from IANA, the fashion designer

“Dear Jenny DAO,I am very grateful to 2022 for bringing us together and giving an opportunity to work on great future of digital fashion with the best web3 pioneers such as yourself. I want to give you a gift —

We discovered @ianavanaken at the beginning of 2022, and find her work amazing, and immediately added her to our collection!

4. New Year’s gift from HONEY

Thank you so much @honeyloveclub_ for such a thoughtful New Year’s gift!

What a great idea to make a giveaway with your HONEY signature NFT, THANK YOU!

5. Web3 Fashion landscape — Jenny DAO enters the list — The Naked Collector

The Web3 Fashion ecosystem has grown a lot in 2022. From speculative promises in 2021, 2022 has seen actual implementations of digital/physical merging, composable digital avatars and creator/community tools that will enable customization of self-expression.

Designer and Brand Highlight

This month we would like to highlight some of the best artists and brands that have shone JENNY DAO’s collection!

  • IZY studio
  • Honey x Chrryt
  • Jon Sánchez
  • Rayo De Lux
  • Maria
  • SIMO
  • Yoann De Geetere
  • Tony
  • On-click Closet
  • Clo B
  • Yener Torun
  • IANA
  • Noun 66
  • Tommy Kwak
  • Simone Monte
  • Phaengy

New Artists at Jenny’s Collection

Here are our latest projects, artists, photographers, fashion designers entering the Jenny DAO community, who will be enriching our collection. We would like to warmly welcome them to our community:

  • Morchen Liu
  • Monika
  • Florencia Arezzo
  • TinyCourses

Migrate to uJENNY

A gentle reminder that Jenny Dao has migrated its collection to Unicly V2. Jenny V2’s supply is 1M JENNY tokens, that’s exactly 1/10 of the uJENNY supply. You can still migrate your uJENNY to Jenny DAO v2. Each uJENNY token can be converted into 0.1 JENNY tokens here . Read more: Migrate your uJENNY to JENNY v2

How Can You Get Involved with Jenny DAO?

Our first and foremost aim is to expand our community. Help us spread the word for Jenny DAO, so we can build a larger and more engaged community together. We also love feedback and interaction, and love to hear from you! Interact with us on our socials:

members of the Jenny DAO community

Feel free to share any ideas or ask any questions on our various channels, and we look forward to a great year!



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