Monthly Updates from the Jenny DAO Community

Hi Jenny DAO Community, 🛬

📅 May and June have been exciting months for Jenny DAO.

🚀 We have lots of announcements and updates summarized for you!

Key Updates — May/June 2022

📢 We are very happy to have minted these rare Otherside biogenic swamp sediments, thanks to our long-term belief and investment in the BAYC, check out here

🎁 We organised an Adidas Hoodie Originals Giveaway. Adidas was the first leading fashion brand to make the move to web 3, check it out here

👥 We hosted a Townhall Meeting powered by which was an amazing experience surrounded by a selection of our most valuable #NFTs.

🙌 Thanks to our founder @rambo1stbld and the Curation Council: @bplaytolearn, @sledain, watch it here

🔎For the past year, Jenny DAO has been focusing on emerging #NFT markets such as fashion/luxury and photography. 🤷‍♀️But how do you decide whether to buy a particular photographer’s work? 📄Read Jenny Photo’s strategy here.

🎂 We celebrated our one-year anniversary and we had lots of events and received various gifts like this splendid photographic NFT from Anna Condo with her delicate touch 💫, see the gift here.

🎂 Still, on our one-year anniversary celebrations, we produced our second music NFT by Jonathan Mann @songadaymann , read more and listen to it here

😍Jenny DAO, the Public Collector’s NFT celebrates its first anniversary, making it the longest existing NFT collection. 💥Read all about it here

🏠 We are also offering 3 flats to our Jenny token holders in collaboration with @Rove_to read here

🔨 Jenny DAO decided after voting to sell its 4 apes, read more here
🐵2 of them are now for sale on Unicly

🐒 BAYC #4656 with rarity traits: Bone Necklace, Cream Color, and Phenomene Ooo Mouth.

📄 Jenny DAO has migrated its collection over to Unicly v2! Migrate your uJENNY to JENNY v2 here

🔉 Listen to Karen Navarro and LucieUjenny chatting on Karen’s project #ConstructedSelf here 🗣

📢 Here is some more information on the dates of the piece that Jenny DAO has acquired from Peter Nitsch and that is being presented at Superchief NFT NYC . Check out this tweet

💦 We got 2 Airdrops from D&G: 💃 Nite Lite — Dolce&Gabbana Disco Drip, view here and

🕺 Graffitipad — Dolce&Gabbana Disco Drip, view here

🙌 Jenny DAO is glad to have a Croco in its collection!

🐊 LACOSTE is entering a new era with the launch of the Lacoste UNDW3 experience. WEB3 pioneers will be able to join the iconic brand as they take members on a journey, read here

🔨 The auction for Punk #9717ended and the Punk was sold for 65.01 ETH

💸 This ETH will be added to Jenny DAO treasury on Unicly , read more here

🙌 We warmly welcome these great photographers, fashion designers/brands and dancers to Jenny’s collection💫

👗 Rebecca Minkoff 👗 IANA 👗 Adidas 👗 Dolce & Gabbana 👗Diverge 👗 Kith Friend™👗Stephy Fung👗Alterrage👗Gary James McQueen👗Mochic👗LUCII👗Lacoste👗DrugReceipt👗

📷 Rodrigo Valenzuela 📷For Freedoms 📷 Harm van den Dorpel

💃 CryptoMoves — Nicola Gatica & Bea Castaneda🕺

📣 📣 How you could help and contribute to:



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