Better to Get a Half-Baked Blog Idea on the Internet or Not to Write it at all?

Here’s a quick blog thought question: Is it better to get a half-baked idea written up and published on a blog/on the internet or not to publish it at all?

Initially it might seem that if you have some half-baked idea it does not make sense to write it up since things on the internet are very public, searchable and last a long time. And it feels like to publish something on internet, you really want it to be polished. Here — I’m talking about writing on a blog, not on Twitter. My thought now seems to be that it may be better to publish it than to not write it at all. Looking back at my ideas list of blog posts, I think I’m more frustrated about all the potentially interesting ideas I didn’t write when they were fresh, out of the concern that I didn’t really think I wanted to take enough time to truly flush it out. But now it seems to me it still would have been pretty valuable as a blog post even with a few paragraphs and some rough edges.

This post for me falls under this category, and I thought this was an interesting enough thought that it made more sense to write it up as a few paragraphs than file it away as a blog post that I would never write. I’ve enjoyed reading posts I’ve written a while ago, some just as references, or what things I had been reading. For example there are a number of books where I had some interesting thoughts upon reading them, and I actually think it would have been better to write about them while it was fresh in my memory to see what I thought. Now for many of those books I don’t really remember my main takeaways.

So, maybe I’ll try to write more half-baked but potentially interesting ideas as blog posts. There’s enough space on the internet for a few more random posts. However, as it applies to Twitter, it seems that if it’s an idea that isn’t really great, maybe that isn’t the best to post since it’s so much easier to get taken out of context.