Neighborhood Comparisons Across Cities

What’s the Mission of New York City? What is the Times Square of Chicago? The definitive answers to a definitely subjective question.

I’ve had this conversation a handful of times, trying to determine what the equivalent of one neighborhood is in another city. It’s a question that you can’t really answer, but is fun to think about. You can compare the vibe, the social scene, the restaurants, the location, the people, or just the neighborhood in the abstract.

We created a document to map neighborhoods in one city to another city for San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Washington DC (lots of credit here to Evan Cohen).

Here’s the google spreadsheet, feel free to add comments, suggestions or replacements. Or if you want to fill in the columns for another city you can do that. This is a low-tech way to crowdsource ideas. What do you agree with or disagree with? What would you add? Leave in the comments, twitter, or the google doc.

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