The Only Actual Startup Advice: It Depends

You’ll find quite a bit of information online with startup advice. And you’ll find people advocating for every side of any debate.

Say you are raising money: Should you raise only on convertible notes? Or with a SAFE? Or with equity? Or with a cryptocurrency ICO? Or with a loan? Or not at all? Should you raise as much money as possible or as little as you need?

With your office setup: Should everyone be in person? Or should you allow remote work?

Should you hire slow or hire fast? Should you focus on growth or profitability?

You can actually find good, reasonable, advice on every side of every issue.

In all these cases, the best decision depends on everything. It depends on you, your company, your stage, the number of people you have, your industry and every other factor.

There are market cycles and there are blogosphere advice cycles. The only timeless advice for your startup is: it depends.

This isn’t to say that all the advice on the internet is useless. I enjoy and do read lots of blog posts and books and talk to many other people who run startups. However, I don’t think every piece of advice applies everywhere equally, and many don’t apply to you at all. Take the advice — but then read it critically and accommodate it to your situation.