Tom Brady’s Peak Physical Performance at 39 — What About Mental Performance?

Tom Brady.

A 39-year old man that just OWNED at the NFL and was even the MVP.

Let that sink in. He’s 39. In a physically demanding game against a horde of teenagers and young adults who are probably the fittest of their age group.

How did he do it?

According to this article I found on Business Insider, it was by caring for his body in a certain way.

If you don’t remotely care for sports like me, then what you would be concerned about would be your mental performance.

As far as the body goes, I think the brain is a part of it. Wouldn’t you agree?

Taking care of your body is taking care of your brain.

The brain affects everything we do.

It’s what runs us. Every action we take. You can even say it’s who we are. Well, at least if we don’t find out that the neurons in our skin are also a part of it. Even then, it’s a part of our body.

Improved results will show in your business, your personal life, your hobbies — basically, everything that matters — when you take care of your body, and your brain.

Don’t you agree?

It’s enough of a reason to dump those donuts, or any food you think you might be enjoying because “you live only once”.

Well, you live only once, at least that I know of.

It’s the very reason why I can’t afford to enjoy the donut in the moment because I can’t lose the best moments everywhere else.

Of course, I still eat foods at top restaurants sometimes even when they don’t fit into this performance diet.

It just lets me make better choices at each moment.

It becomes easy and I don’t “miss out” on anything because I simply chose a better life in every area over the moment of craving.

I’d be missing out on life if I ate the sugary junk.

Actually, the body and mind just changes eventually and you won’t even feel like eating any of the junk you used to crave.

I’ve been doing it for over half a decade and I actually feel nothing for the foods most people have irresistible cravings over.

I even feel a sense of resistance to eat it.

If anything, it only gets easier the longer you do it.

Hopefully this makes sense, and lets you decide just a little better in your own life.