Today I started my blog and so should you

I’ve been playing around with the idea of starting a blog for quite a while now. I’ll be honest. It’s been in my head for years. As with many things it’s really easy to come up with many reasons NOT to do it. “No time” is my favourite. To be fair, there’s no such thing. It’s all a matter of priorities. And writing a post doesn’t have to take ages. I mean, how hard could it be, right? I had some interesting content to share, at least I like to think that I do, so why not start from there?

Usually when I feel that something I’ve been working on is worthy of sharing with the community I’m just tweeting about it or gist it, if it includes code snippets. It’s a quick and easy way to share my thoughts and ideas. However, it’s not always very informative. As a reader you often miss a lot of context. When I’m looking to learn about a topic I really appreciate a well written blog post or article that guides me through the full journey. So in a way you could say I’m kind of a hypocrite :)

Today I got fed up with procrastinating. The hell with it. Let’s just start writing. I read a few articles (again great to have people taking the time to write these things down!) on which blogging platform to pick. But wait. I’m a developer. Shouldn’t I build my own blog? Well, sometimes you just have to be pragmatic. I wanted to start writing. today. So I was looking for the simplest and most straight forward tool to reach my goal. I didn’t need fancy designs and layouts, because it would only distract me from writing content. Medium’s interface seemed clean enough. I read this nice how to and it seemed really easy. Also the platform gives me quick exposure which will motivate me to keep on writing!

And with this first post I finally managed to do it. There’s no backing out anymore. This post probably wasn’t very informative. But hey, you made it this far, so hopefully I did at least inspire you to start writing your own content if you haven’t done it yet! My future posts will be mostly about software development and technology involved around continuous delivery. If you’re into that, stay tuned!

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