Introducing the Moneylist Beta — Simplify Your Finances, It’s Totally Free

Have you ever heard “finances” and “simple” in one sentence?

As my income is highly variable, I’ve been looking for a way to better understand my financial situation and compare different scenarios for the future. I want a product that lets me time travel to a certain date, and show me exactly what my bank account will look like at that point in time. It should enable me to answer a few key hypothetical questions I regularly ask myself, such as:

  • What will my bank balance be like in three months?
  • What if client X doesn’t pay his invoice on time?
  • When would it be a smart move to purchase X, if at all?
  • How long can I go without earning anything?
  • If I could add income source X, how would that change things?
  • What would I need to earn in order to do X?

I couldn’t find anything that did that. So I decided to create it.

Moneylist is a simple webapp that lets you enter the transactions you’re expecting to make, either single (holidays, one-time purchases) and recurring ones (rent, groceries, health care). It then uses that data to calculate your bank balance at any point in the future.

As you’re dragging the slider across to travel forward in time, you’ll get to see in real time what transactions will be occurring at that date. Every transaction has a little switch in front of it: turn it off to exclude it from the balance calculation, and see how it affects your situation.

Today, we’re releasing the early beta of Moneylist. It’s open for anyone, and totally free to use. Try it out at, and let me know how you like it!

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