Certainty in Something

Existence while in college is resting between the hazy benchmarks of assignments, due dates, and exams. Somewhere fumbling within the mess there lies a necessity to calm the mind from the commotion of the exterior world of academia.

Whether is is nestled under freshly fallen snow, or somewhere between the bedrock of a moving stream, it is important to stop and take it all in. As you breathe in the chilled air of Chip-A-Waters park, you realize that this hunger for simplicity is not just a want, but it something as tangible as the branches that hover above.

Stream in Chip-A-Waters park, Feb 2021. ( by Jessi Opperthauser)

Within the glassy image of the stream, there is a stillness that brings a sense of tranquility to the wandering mind. Has peace always seemed so close in today’s fast moving world?

Pets Chip-A-Waters park Mount Pleasant Michigan Feb 2021 ( By Jessi Opperthauser)

Occasionally, you will cross paths with dog walkers and their pets. The sense of pure joy you feel in these moments is intense.

Guard Rail in Chip-A-Waters park, Feb 2021. ( by Jessi Opperthauser)

Hearing the soft babble of the river grounds you to your present space in front of the bridges rail bars. The bars feel cold to the touch, and flake off in rusty sheets.

Icy Vision in Chip-A-Waters Park, Mount Pleasant Michigan Feb 2021. ( by Jessi Opperthauser)

Lastly, you take a glance through the iced binoculars, you can see the hidden details that the forest hides. In these moments, you regain a sense of control with the world that surrounds you.

That impossible exam fails to now leave a sense of terror in the back of your throat. The group project due in a week is not an insurmountable hill, but rather just a task that needs to be done.

In these moments at Chip-A-Waters park, you are not just alive again but rather infused with a certainty that is outside of existence.



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