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It’s Not About You

Selfless | Love


Deeper and deeper, people fall into the pursuit of ministry becoming not about Jesus, but about them. Subconsciously of course, no leader is ever going to say — it’s about me. Their actions tell a different story, their focus, their drive — it’s all smoke. Just like Solomon says, everything under the sun is smoke — basically, it’s pointless. Everything we do is pointless if our sole intention isn’t about Jesus. Before and after, we shouldn’t expect thank you’s or good job’s, or you know — those compliments that puff up our ego.


Fake. Hypocrite. Whatever you’ve heard it be called, when we make it about ourselves — we end up this way. It’s easy to get lost in the commotion of ministry. We end up hosting events that entertain the church, we see visitors but it’s just other Christians — granted we are not saying this is wrong, we need to learn, grow, and mature, but that’s only half of the gospel.


We are willing to recognize that it’s not even about us. Yes, it’s our brand, and it’s our clothing and we own the social media accounts. However, the bigger picture here is the message we will be able to bring to people. It’s funny though, cause that message starts with us loving people and being selfless, and hopefully transcends to a wider audience who love wearing the clothes. Our goal is and will always be Jesus. In whatever way that looks for us, wether our brand reaches a few thousand or millions. It’s not about us.


If you believe in this, somehow a part of you has seen that people go wrong because of their egos. Contribute with a simple share, hit the like button, or maybe pick up a shirt or two. As a thank you, here is a gift for reading this blog, use it at checkout for 10% off any purchase. NOTMEMEDIUM10.