Love is a Verb


How many times has someone been hurt or discouraged by the church? People leave because someone told them they couldn’t wear a certain shirt or a certain necklace or they talked about them in a negative way.

It’s completely insane to think people who call themselves followers of Jesus don’t know how to love people or even understand what it means.

This isn’t an article about hate, or expressing dislike towards the church, but more of an exortation of one simple word — love.


Actions are behind everything, and though they’re simple, love has become complex because it is not accurately expressed in our culture. Music, tv, and media express it as an emotion, a feeling.

Which at the end of day, love is a feeling, but all feelings and emotions are expressed through actions.


(Action) because (emotion). Negative or positive, this is always true. I smile (action) because I’m happy (emotion). It’s impossible to be happy (emotion) because I’m smiling (action). I guess it’s not impossible but definitely really weird. Negative emotions are also true, I’m going to judge (action) you because I’m uncomfortable (emotion) with your shirt, action still preceeds the emotion.


Jesus died (action) for me because he loves (emotion) me. The opposite is what the church and people express love as. Imagine if Jesus loves (emotion) me because he died (action) for me. Until you understand this, love will always be an emotion instead of an action.


If our actions demonstrated love just as Jesus did on the cross — our love for people would actually become an action — and maybe we could really show who and what Jesus is about.

Bottom Line

Here it is — love is a verb, an action, a tangible demonstration that explains the emotion. It’s not easy, but for us to live the way Jesus wants us to, love has to be transformed from a noun (emotion) to a verb (action).

Us and Them

As the brand I started, #NOTme Collected Apparel will love people all the way. No matter the race, color, belief system, the clothes they wear, the music they listen to, the things they do. It’s what we are called to do, and Jesus has every part to play.