5 Money-Saving Apps to Stretch Your Dollar This Summer

We believe in summer — in pool parties, camping trips, backyard barbecues, and family vacations.

If you’ve found yourself trying to stretch your budget to enjoy an extra activity or two, have no fear — so have we.

The team at Jet put together a list of five apps that can save you cash this summer — even as you plan that big road trip with your friends.

1. BillShark

Nobody has ever said “boy, I sure am glad my cell phone bill is this high!”

The same goes for internet, cable and satellite bills.

That’s why there’s BillShark.

BillShark promises to save you up to 25% on your bills — with just two minutes of work.

Take a few pictures of your bills, upload them online or through the mobile app, then see the savings on your next bill.

You split the savings with BillShark for the next 12 months. After that, the savings are all yours.

Even better, if BillShark can’t save you money, you don’t owe them a thing.

2. Service

Customer service advocate Service wants to rid the world of poor customer service.

They make it pretty simple too.

Airline lose your luggage? Get put on hold for four hours while trying to fix a bank problem?

Service will make all the calls for you. Just open the app and describe what happened.

Then sit back and watch as they resolve the issue on your behalf.

To date, they’ve received refunds for “non-refundable” airline tickets, gotten shipping fees waived after late deliveries, and negotiated credits for bad service at restaurants.

3. Level Money

Level Money has been called “Mint for Millennials.”

It’s a budgeting app that’s similar to Mint, but with a simplified user experience.

Instead of giving you budget numbers, Level Money gives you exactly the info that you NEED to know — taking budgeting out of the equation while providing a clear picture of your finances.

You’re left with your “spendable” (or “safe to spend”) number for the day, week, and month. This helps you maintain control over your finances — both today and in the future.

4. Parking Panda

Is there anything more stressful than finding parking in an unfamiliar city? Or paying through the nose for some downtown garage because you can’t find anything cheaper?

As you head out on your vacation this summer, use Parking Panda to make parking easier. Use the mobile app to:

  • Search: compare all available parking options and get prices at thousands of parking lots and garages in real-time.
  • Book: pre-purchase the perfect spot and have a guaranteed space waiting for you when you need it.
  • Park: Redeem your purchase at your selected location.

Comparing prices this way can easily save you 50–75%.

Bonus: Spot Hero provides a similar service to Parking Panda. Together, the two apps cover over 40 cities, with more coming soon.

5. Gas Buddy

Speaking of road trips, have you noticed how gas prices can vary widely at different places?

Sometimes you’ll fill up, only to see that gas was 25 cents per gallon cheaper just one exit up the road.

This summer, let Gas Buddy help you find the best gas prices in real time.

Gas Buddy is crowdsourced — relying on a community of users to keep prices up-to-date.

Bonus: Gas Guru (iOS, Android) also provides information about gas prices, but draws its information from the Oil Price Information Service.

Happy Saving.

Whatever your plans this summer, try these money-saving apps to help you stretch your dollar.

Have a blast (and don’t forget the sunscreen).

This post was written by the Jet Savings Squad, a team of research-obsessed Jet employees dedicated to uncovering the very best tips to help you save.

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