5 Ways to Cultivate a Culture with Happy Customer Service Reps

…because happy Jet Heads means happy Jet shoppers.

Who are the Jet Heads? They’re so much more than your average customer service reps — and we take pride in making sure they feel that way. Based in Salt Lake City, we’ve curated a culture that supports a team whose sole purpose is to make the Jet customer’s shopping experience better, easier, and more fun. Developing and maintaining a work environment that reflects our mission of empowerment is our top priority — because happy Jet Heads means happy customers.

1. We celebrate personality.

Jet encourages every Jet Head to be themselves when they work with customers. That warm feeling you get from chatting with a friend is what we’re after, and studies have shown this mentality results in a more productive and comfortable customer service experience. Staying excited about their jobs, showcasing their personalities, and focusing on kindness keeps the Jet Heads engaged and growing. This means no script — the team uses their own words and suggestions so the experience is completely customized to each situation.

To further showcase their personalities, we encourage the Jet Heads to make their email signatures stand out. Each signature expresses something unique and interesting, helping the customer form a human connection by letting them know who they’re working with. Adding special touches like these ensures that each Jet Head feels like their own unique part of Jet, and the customer feels like they’re speaking to someone who truly cares.

2. We encourage success.

When Jet Heads are assigned a customer, they see them through from beginning to end — there is no passing of problems from one team member to another. This way the customer feels truly taken care of, and each representative can feel the rewards of making a difference. A study asked customers what annoyed them most about calling customer service, and 37% of respondents cited “being passed around.” No one likes feeling confused, so keeping each question or concern between two individuals ensures a pleasant experience for both. To do so, the Jet Heads have a variety of tools and options they can use to solve a customer’s problem without an extensive approval process.

Our team is always looking for new ways to make our customers feel valued. Besides the standard follow-up emails, Jet Heads are known for writing actual handwritten notes on occasion for that extra-special touch. Building a sense of community between our team and our customers is truly what Jet is all about.

3. We encourage a family-like atmosphere.

We want the Jet Heads to feel like a family, and that means helping each other out when needed. Research shows that employee engagement leads to better business outcomes, and we’ve found that engaged employees develop a more team-focused atmosphere. That means working hard, taking pride in the hustle, and jumping on the line to do their part when the call volume increases.

Our team is always ready to support one another, especially during the busiest hours. The mentality at Jet Head HQ is never “every team member for themselves” — and that’s not a written rule, it’s just Jet culture.

4. We encourage feedback.

When a Jet Head talks, we listen. We have a history of implementing changes requested by employees to improve the daily work (and work family) experience. Jet always wants to hear opinions, whether they’re positive or constructive. We’re constantly searching for ways to improve the team and customer experience, and there is no such thing as an unwanted voice. Anyone can share their thoughts, regardless of title, and that openness fosters growth, learning, and improvement.

We know that a huge part of a positive work environment is enjoying those around you, and creating a sense of home while at work. We host focus groups, send out recaps, and promote conversation so true change can happen. We’ve designed our building with this in mind, which is why our open floor plan promotes creativity, relationship-building, collaboration, and social interaction.

Time for a quick pool break.

5. Those special little extras mean a lot.

We want to celebrate success and hard work, and in the past this has manifested in events like pancake breakfasts, massage days, and more. But the special extras aren’t only for special occasions — our team enjoys arcade games, relaxation areas, and healthy snacks every day. If our team is excited to come to work each day, then their work will keep improving and our customers will keep coming back.

Celebrating great work with a pancake breakfast in SLC!

Did we mention that we’re hiring?

We believe in bringing ease and warmth to our customer service, so we’re constantly working on ways to build a more positive personal work environment for our team as well as our customers. We believe in the Jet community — and we’re always looking for amazing new people to be a part of it.

Check out careers with our Member Services team right here, and watch the clip below to meet some of our Jet Heads in SLC!

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