BNB Chain Backyard Brawl

Jetfuel Finance
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2 min readMar 12, 2022


Get ready for a March Madness tournament that the people will determine!

JetFuel is hosting the BNB Chain Backyard Brawl, a single-elimination tournament for all the projects that partnered with JetSwap over the past year. It includes some of your favorite projects on the BNB Chain, and you will determine the winner!

The random draw of projects was completed on Wednesday, and the bracket is now complete. Take a look:

Who will you have going all the way? Be sure to save this image and fill out your bracket. Will all the biggest projects make it to the Sensational Six, or will there be some Cinderella Stories?

Those fans who have a perfect bracket will receive a free ticket to the 2022 Harvest Moon Festival!

The Format

Each matchup will consist of a total of 24 hours of voting. Voting will be done via a daily Twitter poll on the JetSwap Twitter account. The winner will be the project that gets the most votes on the state Twitter poll. In addition, community members may share the poll with their communities to try to get more votes for their favorite project.

Once the Sensation Six has been determined, we will create a new bracket for the remaining final rounds. Once the Terrific Three projects are established, a random draw will decide which project gets a one-round bye.


As mentioned above, people who submit a perfect bracket to us on Twitter before the first round will receive a free ticket to the 2022 Harvest Moon Festival.

For the winning project of the BNB Chain Backyard Brawl, they will receive 15 free 2022 Harvest Moon Festival tickets for their community and a customized piece of attire at the 2022 Harvest Moon Festival for all the wear.

We wish all the projects and their communities the best of luck, and we look forward to seeing who comes out on top. May the odds be ever in your favor!