Nope, I am not moving on

One of the (many) things that sends me into a rage these days is when Trump supporters say, “It’s over. Move on.” What I want to do is say in response,“Move on? Like y’all did when Barack Obama was elected?”, but I refrain, because getting into fights on Facebook never gets anywhere, and just makes my blood pressure skyrocket.

What I can’t get past is how Trump supporters refuse to acknowledge how this election is different from others. It’s not just about policy. If this was Mitt Romney in the president-elect role, I’d be deeply unhappy, I’d be freaking out about specific issues, but I would not feel like it’s the end of democracy as we know it, like I do now. I’m no Romney fan, but I think he’s a man of decency, with whom I have differences regarding the role of government and policies.

People are not freaking out so much over a Republican in the White House, as they are that it’s Donald fucking Trump in the White House. He’s a man with no experience, appointing lots of incompetent folks, not taking his intelligence briefings. He has numerous conflicts of interest that will affect the way he does this job. He has ties to foreign governments through his business dealings, and refuses to divest himself of this. He’s involving his children in all of this, which is highly unethical, and violates our laws.

He’s used hate speech that has endangered people in the LGBT, Muslim, Hispanic, black, and Jewish communities. Hate crimes are on the rise, and people committing these acts are using his name when doing so, and he is not loudly and publicly disavowing this. The man child who will take to Twitter to yell at the casts of Hamilton and SNL will not call out white supremacists. That, to say the least, is not presidential, and it’s deeply upsetting to those of us who once believed that this country was a place for all of us.

He discredits the findings of the intelligence agencies, because he doesn’t like them. He is cozy with foreign leaders like Putin who are complicit in the savagery happening in Aleppo. He talks about pulling out of international alliances like NATO, and takes phone calls from Taiwan without realizing the larger issue with that. This man has no understanding of foreign relations unless it is his own business, and lining his own pocket.

To put it simply, it’s alarming watching him not acknowledging what he doesn’t know, and failing to be aware that his actions extend beyond himself and his own interests. He lacks both experience and intellectual curiosity, and this impacts the world now. So, in conclusion, Trump supporting acquaintances, I will not just “move on” from this election. Because moving on normalizes the abnormal. It means that I accept what a Trump presidency means to our public schools, environment, rights of many groups, foreign policy, freedom of speech and the press, and gun control, to name a few. I’m sorry if people who voted for Trump don’t want to have that conversation, but I’m sick and tired of being told to “move on”. I won’t move on from a campaign filled with hateful rhetoric that has emboldened white supremacists. Nope, I won’t move on. And I won’t let you be comfortable with your decision to legitimize hate and anti-intellectualism. We’re all going to suffer from this, and I will remind you each and every day of your part in this mess. Because he is not my president. You, Trump-supporting acquaintance, bear the responsibility for this. He’s your guy.