The only answer is action

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I’ve had a case of writer’s block. I feel like I’m drowning whenever I try to write about the incoming administration, the cabinet and advisory appointments, Congress, etc. There’s so much corruption, incompetence, and immorality in all of it that I actually don’t know where to start. It’s the worst buffet ever, and given Republicans denial of science and facts, likely to pass on some sort of e.coli bacteria.

So I’ve done the only thing that alleviates this overwhelmed, panicked feeling. And that thing is action. I pick up the phone and call my elected leaders every day. I have networks where I talk to like minded people, share information, and we inspire each other to act. I talk to people who know a lot more than I do about how government works, and how to navigate citizen activism. I read a whole lot of stuff that helps me figure out a plan of action. And in those moments when I am acting, when I am engaging with others who want to resist, I feel inspired and unafraid.

Don’t bother fighting with people on Facebook. Don’t bother tweeting at stupid jerks. They will sap your energy and intellect, and you’ll come out feeling worse than you did going in. Act. Learn. These are the antidotes to this rabidly anti-intellectual administration and Republican controlled Congress. They count on us letting ourselves get overwhelmed and afraid, and putting our heads down and walking away. And the answer to those folks is, “No. I’ll be damned if you take my healthcare, my say over my body, my rights. I will fight your misogyny, your xenophobia, your racism, with every fiber of my being. Because I am a person of reason, of morals, who respects decency, intellect, science, humanity. You, small minded, smug legislator, may hold public office, but you have no say over my brain and my will. And I will not give up.”

And even as I weep at President Obama’s farewell address, and cringe at Donald Trump’s inability to string together a coherent sentence (he makes George W. Bush sound like Shakespeare!), I am now ready to kick ass, take names, and not be complacent. Join me. We can do this.