Coding for Friendship

A new way to play with your Jewelbots

About a month ago we sent out a survey to our users to see how they were liking their Jewelbots and how we could make them better. We got some great feedback from them and we learned some valuable information.

For example, we learned that 47% of them wear their Jewelbots at least once a week, and 10% of them are wearing them 3–7 days a week! We were excited to hear girls are loving their Jewelbots.


We asked our users what we should prioritize building, what did they want to see from their bots? After we got the results we put our answers in groups and ranked them by popularity.

In the feedback, being able to code for your friends was super important. We’ve been heads down on that for a while and I’m thrilled to share that we will be releasing that ability today!

Last week I had the ability to sit down with some of our favorite Jewelbotters and play with the friendship code for the first time.

First, we paired all their Jewelbots, and then I asked each of them what they wanted to factor into their devices. Akeena wanted her device to vibrate and animate the Jewelbots logo only when all three of them were together, Devin wanted hers to vibrate and flash Red, Daniella wanted hers to vibrate with a short buzz when she saw one of her friends and a longer vibration when they were all together.

These girls are writing C. Yes, C. You’re not even writing C are you? (I estimate 5% of you are so I’m erring on the side of the 95%).

The excitement I saw (and absorbed by osmosis) when these girls were running up and down the hallway of the school to see how far apart their Jewelbots would work and to ensure that they could still see each other on their bots when they were in separate classes was just the absolute best.

Our friendship code is fully documented here in our docs. You will have to add a new board to your Arduino IDE in order to get started.

New Getting Started Instructions

Speaking of which, the single largest request from our users was for better instructions. They wanted more detail and better usability. This has been my pet project for the past two months as I’ve reignited my rivalry with CSS.


Last week we released our new instructions and early feedback is positive. We made sure to make the steps to setting up your Jewelbot clear and we took inspiration from some of our favorite documentation (like Stripe, and Trello) in order to design these.

Would love your feedback! These are a work in progress as we would like to make the Jewelbotting process as easy as possible.

The Jewelbots Zine

CEO in training Quymbee Chen is the brains behind the Jewelbots ‘Zine. As a sign of the times, when she first brought it up to my cofounder Brooke as a good idea for our users, she pronounced it “Z-eye-n”. I don’t think generation Z reads magazines.

We fell in love with the idea and Quymbee started her magic. In the Jewelbots Zine she interviews scientists and inventors with really cool jobs. Cosmetic Chemists, game developers and more. The content is fun and interesting, and it’s chock full of info about amazing things people are building.

Starting at $6 for the digital copy, Jewelbots ‘Zine is a great low cost way to introduce the world of STEM to a girl in your life.

We’re still hustling over at Jewelbots building more exciting features for you. Have any ideas for things we should be working on? Email us at We’d love to hear from you.