Take Your Daughter to Hack Weekend


We’ve talked a lot internally at Jewelbots about the best way to do a follow up for our hackathons last week. We could talk about the 220 people that showed up, the amazing time we had in the Imagination Stations with the “little bits” (younger girls), or our amazing sponsors. We decided we’d focus on telling you about the things that were most important about those two days.

Meet Sachi

Sachi built this dollhouse at home from scratch and brought it to the hackathon. She wasn’t allowed to submit the actual dollhouse to the judges because it was prior work, but she did amazing things with it.

Sachi used an Arduino Uno and to code the first five notes of a song she learned in her piano lesson to be played along with some neopixels lighting up.

Reports from people near her table said that her parents tried to help her quite a few times but she insisted on doing it alone. Sachi nailed the spirit of the engineering award, and our judges loved her work.


Annabelle made this beautiful shirt to wear at night using the Arduino GEMMA and many LED sequins. She used felt for the moon and the sky as well as the awesome trees and snow.

Annabelle lit up the room at our San Francisco hackday with her laughter and energy.

She also sat with our face painter and g0t a pride makeover which everyone agreed was the best facepaint in the room.

This was my personal favorite hack, she really nailed it.

This is Sakura

Here she presents her project to the judges (before winning the Engineering award in NYC) as she had worked the whole day at the NYC Hackathon. She came to the hackathon with a dress and an idea. Being handed the wearables material, she brilliantly thought her project through; taking into account how it’ll be washed, where the lights will show up, and how to code it. Placing the lights along the collar of her dress in an assorted color pattern, she now has that little black dress every girl wants but now with her own extra flare!

Her name is Kitty

It may be surprising to hear, but this dynamo and her sister worked super well together to improve their already cute cardigans with a felt hearts that lit up in pink lights! They awesomely combined fashion, tech, and art into one sweet sweater. It was not easy as the sister met a few setbacks in figuring out the sewing of the different components, but with support, she totally mastered the Arduino coding for the lights. Her sister excitedly skipped around showing off the amazing work.

Charlotte is a little bit…

And she looooved playing with LittleBits. She brought her stuffed dog with her and she and her parents made an awesome leash for him. She also got to play with Goldie Blox and Robot Turtles. Later she took an excellent and needed nap.

Maansi’s bunny

Maansi brought this award winning rabbit from home that she loved. She sewed on these green LEDs and programmed them with the Arduino GEMMA.

When asked why she chose green she said, “Because that’s what was in my kit.”

On her choice about where to put the LEDs, she said, “I thought that place was good and that he’d like it.”

We liked it too, Maansi.


Malenky Welsh is from CT and her, her mother, and her two sisters traveled all the way to NYC for the event.

She brought some coveralls with her to the hack, and using the Arduino GEMMA, 5 LED “Sequins”, and the D.I.Y. supplies we had at the event she created this beautiful eye on the front of her coveralls.

This hack won the Outstanding Design award at our NYC Hack Day. What an amazing eye.

There are many more stories like the above, but we just couldn’t cover all of them. You can see the pics from our two hack days in NYC and SF by following those links.

Our next hack day is on July 18th in the DC area. Sign up here.