Get a Stylish Diamond Engagement Ring in Mumbai

An engagement is a special moment, one you will never forget for the rest of your life. It is only appropriate that you celebrate the occasion with an engagement ring. What’s more special than a diamond to celebrate the occasion! Also, if you are planning to surprise your partner with an engagement ring, you should really go for diamonds.

There are many styles of diamond rings, some of them contemporary and others traditional. Some of the diamond ring styles are as follows:

Diamond Ring by Zoya
  • Solitaires

A solitaire is a classic style and spells class and sophistication. It is a diamond which is clasped in a setting of six or even four claws.

  • Halo engagement rings

Micro pave diamonds are stones which are set into a piece of jewellery. Halo engagement rings have been around for nearly a century and have made a comeback in terms of popularity now. They are one of the most stylish of diamond rings. Apart from a lone halo, there are two and three halos as well. Three halos would mean three stone rows. The diamonds of a halo engagement band are arranged in a setting called pavé.

Finger Ring by Zoya

Side stones are small but make an optimal impact on the overall look of a ring. They are used in halo style rings, princess cut diamonds and three-stone rings.

Things to consider while choosing a diamond ring

When you pick a diamond, you should consider the four Cs — cut, clarity, colour and carat. The cut of the diamond is all about the shine, symmetry and proportion. Carat is all about the weight of the diamond. Clarity is all about how flawless the diamond is, and how few blemishes or inclusions there are in the diamond. Colour is an important aspect when you choose a diamond. Colourless, near colourless, faint, very light and light colour are all categories. These are graded by way of alphabets, from D to Z, with S-Z having a lot of colour, and D-F being colourless.

Ring by Zoya

The setting matters

Once you pick a diamond, you should pay attention to the setting. There are many kinds of settings, including bezel, prong, pave, etc. As we already noted before, a pave setting has several small diamonds packed closely together so that even the metal strip or band will not be seen. In the bezel style, there is a frame that holds the diamond in place, making the stone look bigger than it is. A prong-style setting helps hold the diamond like a prong at various points.

No matter what setting or colour, you should ensure that you buy a diamond that has been graded and certified by a well-known and credible lab.

If you happen to be living in Mumbai, the city is known for reputed jewellers and luxury boutiques that stock high-quality diamonds. It is easy to shop for your diamond ring in Mumbai because of the options available in the city. What better way to remember your special day than with a sparkling diamond ring! We say, go for it!