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Letter sent on Oct 25, 2015

7 Interesting Things about Handmade Jewelries

7 Interesting Things about Handmade Jewelries

Handmade jewelries are unique because there’s no second identical piece. They are crafted by jewelers with passion and are pride of possession to the owner

Handmade jewelry has never faced any dearth of demand despite the advent of technology. The personal attention that jewelry designers infuse into their work, come alive in these pieces. Handmade jewelry is also an investment because it’s singular and not mass-made products. The importance of designs in jewelry manufacturing is highlighted in such pieces.

Here are seven interesting things about handmade jewelry.

No Mass production equipment involved

Handmade jewelry, by definition, is just that. It’s perfected by the hands. The pieces are sawed, soldered, shaped, and carved sans any mass production equipment. While a machine may produce hundreds of stereotype jewelry pieces every day, an individual designer can only make a limited number of pieces in the same time.

The making process

The handmade jewelry manufacturer has a very close relationship with every piece produced. The designing is the key to the value attached with every piece. The designer knows every curve, line, and intention. The whole energy of the maker goes into each and every piece that he/she is making.


In almost all cases, the value of materials used to make handmade jewelry is of superior quality. Customers doesn’t exactly know the alloys being used in mass-produced jewelry pieces in factories, where non-precious metals could be blended to create costume jewelry pieces. The handmade materials are usually sourced from genuine and reputed suppliers.


Handmade jewelry manufacturers are usually dedicated to ethically sourced materials and sustainability. Ethically sourced materials are more expensive compared to gemstones and jewels sourced from shady sources. In these cases the customer can never be sure about the genuineness of the products. For instance, Samantha Torres, an Atlanta-based designer, always uses the best materials sourced from her trusted suppliers who share her design aesthetics. Production on a smaller scale is always of a better quality than mass produced pieces.


The importance of designs in jewelry manufacturing is best revealed in handmade jewelry. The quality of the pieces speaks for them. The entire process from start to finish is monitored by the maker. They are extremely proud of the signature pieces they produce. They won’t allow any inferior quality piece to leave their studios because their reputation would then be at stake.

Locally made with love

There’s a lot of buzz to ‘buy local’ these days. People have become more aware to reduce the carbon footprint and help local artisans. There’s huge value in supporting the local community from the energetic and sustainability standpoint. Besides the inherent value in the jewelry pieces, the customer is also buying a one-of-its-kind item, which adds to the pride of possession of the particular piece.

The next time you buy a handmade jewelry piece, remember that you’ll have something unique in your possession that’s unmatched anywhere.