Sustainability at the JCC

by JR Rich

Since 2009 the JCC of Staten Island has embarked upon a journey to reduce our carbon footprint and lead the way on Staten Island and beyond to make this world greener, healthier and a better place for future generations. From both large efforts- a solar hot water heating and electricity producing systems to small- environmental programs, recycling events, etc., we try to live our values.

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Hazon Seal of Sustainability

The latest venture we’re proud to be a part of is: the Hazon Seal of Sustainability

Hazon the leading Jewish Environmental organization in the US has offices in New York, Connecticut, Colorado and Michigan. The Seal of Sustainability recognizes Jewish organizations’ commitment to becoming more sustainable: improving food and environmental practices, treatment of animals, and impact on climate change.

We at the SI JCC are taking new steps toward sustainability by convening/strengthening our Green Team, auditing our food and facilities impact and launching three exciting projects: Intergenerational Raised Bed Gardening Project at the Avis/South Shore, integrating an environmental curriculum into our ECE Centers and trying to introduce more sustainable purchasing of food products for our facilities, including more local and organic produce and more cruelty free animal products.

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Green team members Neshama Marcus & JR Rich at the Sephardic Center in Brooklyn visiting their intergenerational garden.

Our participation in this initiative signifies that, along with two dozen other Jewish organizations, we are a national leader in the realm of Jewish sustainability.

Please visit our website learn more and see some of our accomplishments. Watch for future updates including another electronics recycling event at the Bernikow on November 13. If you have any questions, want to share ideas, or get involved, please email me at


The JCC of Staten Island is dedicated to encouraging…

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